Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five For Friday!!

Today I am linking back up with Lauren.
1) My house is clean and I am loving it!! Now if we can just keep it this way from here on in? Maintenance of a clean house is soo much easier!
2) I was busy baking this week - made nuts and bolts, banana bread and cake batter rice krispies. I was looking most forward to the rice krispies and they didn't disappoint!!
3) I had my 31 party last night! I had about 10 girlfriends over, we drank some warm beverages, ate some baked goodies and check out all the great items 31 had to offer. We shared a lot of laughs and overall it was just a lot of fun!!  I also got this super cute "change purse" that looks like a camera for hosting. I will use it for my memory cards instead!!
4) Baby V had a happy mail day!!! Diaper Bag and Diaper pail finally came in!! I know I am excited about it, I sure the baby is too haha.
5) The nursery furniture is getting painted this weekend and hopefully the walls will end up getting finished as well!!
Speaking of the nursery, I have started to order the crib bedding, and found the perfect curtains that are suddenly no longer available. I think I have found another set just this morning, but I would still need to add a black out backing, which ends up working out, because I asked M's Mom to help me just make curtains when the ones I wanted became unavailable. I just need to decide if these are for sure the curtains I want!
Have a great weekend!!



Hilary said...

Getting baby things in the mail is so exciting!

Alli said...

31 jewelry is so pretty - love their stuff! Stopping by from H54F.


Jessica and Stephan said...

My Mom was thinking of having a 31 party too, until she mentioned it I had never heard of it! I found a nice bag I want to use for work there!

J and A said...

Love all the nursery progress and baby items!!

Rachel said...

Mmmmm, those rice krispie treats sound good! I was just thinking earlier today about how tasty some homemade rice krispie treats would be....


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