Thursday, November 7, 2013

First Trimester Must Haves

First Trimester Must Haves

Bare with me, as this my friends is my first attempt at a mood board! I used Polyvore, and I haven't figured out how to add numbers, or even the real items from where I actually bought the stuff. 

1) Jolly Jumper Pregnancy Pillow - this wedge was a sleep saver, literally. There were a few weeks towards the end of my first trimester, where my belly was growing and this wedge actually allowed me to sleep comfortably. 

2) Skittles - lived on these unfortunately, but it made nausea go away for me, and gave me a slight sugar boost when I was feeling like it was low. Tic Tacs were another great source to ward off nausea, especially in the car is when I used them most. 

3) Belly Band - I only bought one in black and it helped me survive the awkward "my pants don't fit right stage". Because I had lost a lot of weight before getting pregnant, I had options that were too big, in addition to the new size I had just bought that was starting to fit too snug. I used the belly band for both, my buttons undone on the snug items and done up, using the belly band to hold them in place. I didn't buy the "name brand", just the one from Walmart for like $12! 

4) Contigo Water Bottle - I couldn't drink enough water, everywhere I went, my water bottle went too! I actually have about 8 of these bottles. One lives on my nightstand regularly, but I ended up using 2! Every time I left the house, even to get groceries, one was tagging along! I didn't take them when walking the dogs, because I didn't have the extra hand, but was dying of thirst by the time I got home! 

5) Palmers Coconut Butter - no one wants stretch marks, and if I am being honest, I didn't apply everyday, just as I remembered. You are tired in your first trimester and I would want to apply after every shower, but showering kicked my ass, I noticed the same thing when on Progestrone for IVF. I don't know if it's the temp change or what, but clearly my progesterone in my body occurring naturally now has the same effect. Getting ready after a shower was a long process as I would need to rest often - the lightheaded feeling is the worst!  So I would try to apply before bed. 

6) Old Navy Sports Bras - there is no doubt that "the girls" grow during pregnancy, to the point that my regular bras became quite uncomfortable! Once again with the weight loss, the new bras were too small, and the old ones too big. But these sports bras were stretchy enough, yet supportive enough to accommodate. I would also wear tanks with built in bras if I was just chilling around the house. 

Those a few items that have stuck out in my head as must haves! But with that being said, my first trimester was pretty easy in the sense that the nausea was in short bursts and luckily not very often. I was tired and couldn't get enough sleep or so it felt. Headaches were here and there, but I would be able to survive them with out medication. As far as symptoms go, that was about it, I think that is why I was able to get by with soo little!

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I could so use some skittles right now! I never found the belly band very helpful, except now to wear with leggings that won't stay up!

I just bought some of that belly butter- I always put the lotion on at night, just before bed.

Love water except that I have to pee all the time!


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