Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Remembrance Day

Today, Baby V and I watched the Rememberance Day ceremony. Baby V was kicking up a storm the entire time, I guess s/he was paying respects too. Huge thanks to those who have fought to protect us, and continue to do so. Lest we forget.
Photo Credit: Ashley Vance Photography

Another weekend came and went, and although M wasn't home, I made the best of it. I'm still rocking really hard to bring organization into our daily lives, and soo far things are getting better! 

Saturday morning I had a nice quiet morning, played some country music and worked on Baby V's blanket. Then we got ready to go to Greyson's first birthday party. M was really disappointed to have missed it, but I still went and had fun. It was great to catch up with a lot of our friends! I still can't believe a year has passed!! 

I had put a roast beef on before I left! came home to learn we had no potatoes, so when M got home I ordered fries from the restaurant! Wasn't quite the meal I had planned, but it was good!! 

M went and relaxed down stairs and I watched The Lucky Ones movie, which was alright. 

Sunday M was up and gone early again, but luckily it was his last day of training. I got some stuff done around the house, made some apple dip, and put a whole chicken on. M was done a little earlier (not much), so we ran into town to grab potatoes, and an apple pie for dinner and we need a new filter for the humidifier. Dinner was delicious!! 

We got a few more things done around the house and then put our feet up to relax! The house is nice and clean, clutter is slowly finding a new home. Felt good to get that much accomplished, as I was a little overwhelmed when I went upstairs to take a few more baby items upstairs. My old sewing room is bursting with furniture from the nursery, that needs to be re-homed either throughout the house or in storage, or even to be donated. Of course there are hand-me down baby parafenalia all over as well. I've been trying to figure out an organization plan for all that as well, as I have both boy and girl stuff from my sister. I'm going to pull out as much gender neutral items I can, once the furniture is painted. No point in organizing it twice. 

I ordered my diaper bag and diaper pail last night, as well as a package of pacifiers! Got a great deal! Now I can't wait for it to get here!! 

The weather has been cold, and a mix between rain and snow. Apparently areas around us might get up to 10cm of the white stuff tonight. Hopefully it misses us!! 

Today I am editing pics, putting away laundry and tonight M and I are going to buy the rest of the nursery paint as I just found it on sale!! 

Happy Rememberance Day!! 


J and A said...

We have that diaper pail! Just got it on Thursday. ;)

Kae said...

yay for the diaper pail, and Happy Remembrance Day to your country's served/serving.

Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! It's been COLD here too! :( I understand the edit, edit, edit thing! :) Have a great week!


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