Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Well It's Wednesday

Today's post is 100% random, just to forewarn you all!
Random Best Friendship Quotes and Sayings: True friends are the ones that glare at you when you push them away, hug you when you need it, and pull you off the bridge when your about to jump. Bad
- M and I have been talking about replacing our vacuum, we have central vac, which I hate, so I bought a cheapo regular vacuum shortly after we moved and I tried the central vacuum to confirm my dislike. The cheapo vacuum works alright, but when it comes to emptying it, I cant because of all the dust and my allergies, so M is stuck emptying it often, as we have an army of pets.

We have been talking about getting a new vacuum and I originally wanted a Roomba, so it would run everyday and there would be no more pet hair, perfect for when baby comes, because then vacuuming will be a fulltime job with a baby crawling around. But M wanted to get the Dyson Pet.

Well as of today, M just won! The Roomba will only do our kitchen/living area, not the dining room, bedroom, foyer or mudroom, heck not even the basement, but the dyson will! And I just got it half off!! My post lady is going to hate me!! In the mail it shall come!! I am also able to empty the dyson because of how its made, dust won't come flying out at me! I also look forward to the allergen features as well, it should cut back on a large amount of allergens in our house!

- It snowed yesterday and last night and I was less than impressed, but if I am being entirely honest, it was really pretty and put me in the Christmas spirit! I'm considering decorating the interior this weekend!! Call me crazy, this will be the earliest I've done it!!
Wouldn't this look great cross-stitched on towels and pot holders for the kitchen???
- All of the nursery paint was picked and purchased on Monday!! I also got a deal on it! So the furniture and the walls can now just paint themselves? No? Well M has no excuses now, aside from the fact that it's busy season at work and he isn't home much, or when he is home, he is tired! Maybe this weekend, after he is done working!? Poor guy! I might have to invade on his daddy project!

- this is soo true:
Okay, I am off to finish editing photos, and then to do a bit more organizing - my favorite thing!!

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

How fun! Glad you got the nursery decorated. Sounds like you're already living in a winter snow globe. Gorg!


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