Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Weekend One down without M around - one more to go! But we made the best of the weekend with the time we did have together!!

Friday night we had a Halloween Party to go to, M and I usually go with a couples costume and this year was no different! I have waited 4 years to dress up a pregnant belly!! A milestone we completed this weekend!

M was a chef and I was the oven
and Baby V was a BUN!
Although we weren't able to stay late, we were happy to be able to partake in the event!
M was up super early on Saturday and off to his fire training!
It was a cold, rainy and windy day. Not as windy as it was on Friday - that wind snapped my ornamental tree in my front garden! I am actually upset about this!
Back to Saturday - I luckily got dressed in the morning instead of staying in my jammies, because M's friend J stopped over with their dog and wanted M to go on walk with him. So I decided to go in his place, despite the dreary weather, I knew the dogs would love it! Luckily the rain held off while we were out! We had a nice visit. I was less than impressed when we arrived back at home to find Gracie in a damn mud puddle. What is with this dog and mud!?
I edited some photos, showered and got ready to go to little K's 2nd birthday! When M got home, he changed and we headed over right away as it was pretty much 6:30. We stayed and visited while she was opening presents and then headed out for dinner with M & J, just to the pub here in town, as they had not eaten either.
Sunday M was gone again super early. Of course the clocks all turned back, which took some adjustment, but I still managed to get a lot done around the house.
I finally finished the laundry and we no longer have a contamination room!! We have a laundry room again!!
The pets were reunited with their toys, Lily was happy to have her favorite toy back:
I popped into town to meet my sister to grab the fabric she had picked up from the post office in the US for me!
Then I finished editing a photo session, which I am always happy to have completed.
Dinner was on and when M got home, we took the dogs for a chilly walk while supper finished cooking. We managed to relax the rest of the evening.
Today I plan to make an infinity nursing scarf, now that my fabric is in:
And then I have a photo shoot this afternoon!
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Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Hilary said...

Oooooh, do tell: what is an infinity nursing scarf??

Sarah Alway said...

FUN! I totally considered the bun in the oven costume, but we didn't get invited to any costume parties this year and I thought it was kind of overkill just for the trick or treaters, LOL. You guys look great though!

Sarah @ Life As Always

Leigh said...

Haha loved your costumes!

Kae Muir said...

love love the costume and I love the fabric : )

Jessica and Stephan said...

Love your costumes! Very creative, and VERY cute!

J and A said...

Great outfits abs fabric! Oh I know all Bout dogs and mud!! :)


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