Tuesday, November 12, 2013

22 Weeks

How Far Along:
22 weeks - November 3 - 8, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

I actually had to look up what kind of fruit this was, as I didn't recognize it! A papaya!

Baby weighs a pound this week, can see light and dark and hear things going on out in the real world! Some websites are saying I am in my 6th month now, although I thought I was 5 months at 20 weeks? Soo confusing!
Maternity Clothes?
 Still mixing in the odd non-maternity shirt! But I will be sticking to my maternity jeans. I have been try to take outfit of the day pics, but I'm not great at it, so bare with me!  I did wear a whole non-maternity outfit this week as well: 

I hate the lines maternity jeans leave: 

This shirt is non-maternity! Love making older options work still!

Non- maternity sweater that I paired up with a vest afterwards:

Stretch Marks?
None yet. 
We will find out in March!
The pregnancy wedge is back in use. I have been tossing and turning a lot as well, just unable to get comfy. I also think the baby enjoys wedging itself into my sides, either that or I am growing! But sleep has not been great. As soon as 3 AM hits, I am struggling to fall back to sleep.

Baby Purchases This Week:
My Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project finally came in! Although I am more than half way through my pregnancy, I figure no time like the present to start it, as it goes by month anyways. 

I decided to order Baby V a chevron crocheted blanket, since I can't figure it out and it is done and being sent my way:
Meg from Life Of Meg made it!! Check out her etsy shop here!! 

These blankets: 

I've been eyeing them up since we found out we were expecting and saw them as the last ones on the rack, so I scooped them!

Needless to say baby will have a lot of blankets, which I am a fan of, nothing better than being cozy! Hopefully the baby likes blankets as much as me!!

Made this Week:
I made my infinity nursing scarf. It might be a bit big, so I may need to move the seam in, but I figure I will wait until baby gets here and go from there, as it only took a few minutes to make!
Still working on the baby blanket I am crocheting!
I also made baby a blanket with chevron minky fabric and cotton anchors! Love the combination but the fabric was a pain in the butt to work with! 

Loving me some grilled cheese!! I went a whole day without any candy! I shouldn't be bragging about that, but it was a huge accomplishment! I've been horrible about it lately if I am being honest! The box is almost gone and I am actually happy about it!! Cheesies came home again this week!  
Still kicking up a storm and leaving me guessing what's a kick, a punch and I think I figured out a roll! Also saw my tummy distort in front of my eyes - that was interesting! M felt the baby move again, and this time he was sure! He was soo excited!! I loved that very moment!

The runny nasal drip is back, as well as the sneezing, luckily its not as bad as it was with allergies on top! Oh and nose bleeds that make you wonder if you will bleed out through your nose... Sorry for the TMI but it's bad! 

Back pain is back but in my mid-back this time which I'm sure us due to my changing body. 

I also started to feel what I believe to be Braxton and hicks contractions, which are entirely normal at this stage. Nothing major or painful, just uncomfortable, but luckily they are quick and don't last! More or less a tightening feeling in the wave of cramps.

  This week has been pretty straight forward, just the way I prefer it! 

We had a few long days at the beginning of the week, and by the end of the week, I was done on all grounds. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained! 

Making some of the baby projects has been fun though, since the nursery is on hold until M is able to finish painting it! 

We hit 120 more days to go this week!! 
Crazy to see we are more than half way through the 2nd Trimester too!

Belly Button?

Best Moment of the Week?
M feeling the baby kick again, it had been almost 2 weeks since he thought he first felt it and would run over at the chance to feel it, but the baby would stop! Baby ALWAYS kicks when I go to bed, and that is when M finally felt it! It was such a sweet moment, one I will remember forever! 

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
At one of my Mom's doctors appointments at the hospital, the doctor decided to nit show up, soo we ended up leaving to go to another appointment, but before leaving I was sure to tell the receptionist that although it wasn't her fault, if she could pass along the message that this was highly unprofessional and a down right waste of our time and parking money, and that we were not impressed. I tried to remain polite through it, and she assured me she would let the doctor know and asked if we would stop by on the way out of our next appointment to reschedule/ or see him then. So I agreed to that. However Mom's appointment upstairs was 2 hours long, which we were not impressed about. My sister calls me and tells me that this very nice doctor called her at home trying to find mom and that he had missed his appointment with her earlier and was apologizing and was now waiting downstairs to see her if she was still at the hospital. My opinion at that point was good. 

Then we go meet the doctor and he was SUPER nice! Part of me hoped that the receptionist didn't let him have it, like I instructed her! Turns out is was a miscommunication between his staff and himself. I actually felt bad! 

Bump Pic:
I feel like this dress doesn't photograph well, as I got a lot of compliments in it, but to me this pic doesn't do it justice! I usually wear a belt with it, but with my bump sitting higher it wasn't comfy!
Baby is moving on up, as you can see in this pic!
Looking Forward To:
 Getting the blanket in the mail, as well as a special onesie I ordered for the baby!


Hilary said...

Loving all the chevron! Josh won't let me have any, lol. I take that back, he told me I could register for a chevron blanket, but I had to keep it in my car... Have you tried any under-belly maternity jeans? I didn't think I'd like them, but I bought a pair on sale and I LOVE them. They actually feel like regular jeans to me and they don't leave the lines. Now, whether they'll be comfy in a few months is another story..

J and A said...

Loved the pregnancy project! Do some early months too they are great. Looking good!! So glad all is going well and Mike is feeling movement! So awesome. And I love the blanket meg made.

Sarah Alway said...

I am loving your maternity outfits! I am almost 15 weeks and I'm struggling because I'm not really showing yet, just feeling and looking kind of chubby. I can't wait until I have an actual bump to show off! I LOVE that baby blanket you made! It would match my nursery perfectly...

Sarah @ Life As Always

Lindsay said...

You look great Momma! I'm going to go ahead a throw a BOY prediction out there! :) xo

Kristin said...

Love the chevron blanket you bought!

Kae said...

Ohhh love the chevron blanket!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That's why I prefer full panel pants- you don't get the line halfway across your belly.

I agree some outfits photograph better than others. I admit that sometimes I will wear one thing for the photo and then change into my outfit for the day since it doesn't photograph that well.

I got a bleeding nose this week too! I never get them but I've had 2 this pregnancy.

That's so great that M had felt the baby more!!

I've done the pregnancy project DVD a few times and I love it!! I can't wait to get back at it when I'm home, even though I don't want to go home!

I love that chevron blanket that you made and the one you ordered.

Anonymous said...

I am just now seeing this (playing MAJOR catch-up!) and I love that you shared the photo of your adorable chevron blanket! I hope you love it and that it got to you okay! Much love from Kansas City! :)


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