Friday, November 8, 2013

What a Week!!

Thank God it is Friday!! This week has been one I am glad to see over, not that anything dramatic happened, it was just long!!! Too looong!

Monday was a photo shoot that I was wrapping up for a corporate company, but the staff didn't show up on time, so I was stuck waiting. I was home by 7 PM - shoot was for 3 PM with only 4 people... that should tell you how it went. I'd love to say I was snapping pics the whole time, but that was not the case either. Enough said.

Tuesday I had appointments to take my Mom to and they were long, one doctor didn't show up for the first appointment, but then ended up calling us and meeting us after her other appointment, equaling to another really long day! I left the house at 11 AM and was home by 7 PM. M keeps joking that I am working part-time.

Wednesday I vowed to stay home, and did just that, although I did a ton of housework, as well as some baby crafting!

Thursday I woke up to find that Jazz had peed on the dogs bed. Her first time since being medicated. I was not a happy camper. We had just started her weaning off the medication and was down to every other day. Turns out she will be taking them everyday for life... I called the vet and then went and picked up more of her pills. Jazz has been heavy on my heart lately.

Thursday evening, M attempted to help me with pinning my blanket together to sew, and we were having issues, because when I pre-washed the fabric it must have shrunk to a weird size. We were both super frustrated!

Today, my nose is crazy from nose bleeds to being super sensitive to smells. My scentsy smell that I usually like smells like a cleaner, the cat and dog food is just horrible... the list goes on. It is also snowing again today, mixed with ice pellets, luckily it isn't sticking around. The good news is I went grocery shopping and they had cheesies in stock! They also had these super cute blankets for the baby! I had wanted them since we found out we were expecting! I grabbed the last one on the rack!

Other good news is that we have picked a winner from the give away we were doing for my sister's jewelry. The winner is fellow bump buddy, due just a few weeks before me: Hilary!!! Congrats!!!

This weekend M is in training again for the fire course! Last one! I have a little guys first birthday party to go to and photos to get edited.

Have a great weekend!!!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That does sound like an exhausting week! I hate when people are late or just don't show up. I get that things come up but it's just so rude.

Cute blankets! You little one will not be short warm blankets! I need to buy some more since most of the ones we have are super girly.

Hilary said...

Yayyyy! That's me! My nose is super sensitive too. Josh bought a Glade plug in that made me nauseous during the 1st tri. I tried to plug it in again a few weeks ago & couldn't handle it. And this guy at Walmart today was in his riding cart, smelled soooo strongly of smoke, and kept getting so close to me. I wanted to yell at him so bad. Every time I would scoot up in line to get away from him, he would scoot too, lol.


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