Friday, November 29, 2013

Last Five on Friday for November

Wow November just zoomed on by!! Hard to believe December is approaching THIS weekend!!

This week has been a mixed bag of everything!
1) I will start off with the funnier story first... last night we got snow, not a heck of a lot, but more than I would like. M and I went out to buy the fan/light for the nursery, to the bank and grabbed dinner. First stop was the bank, it was slippery out, M went to get out of the truck and totally wiped out. He more or less slid out of the truck and ended up half underneath it. He fell hard though, and I am not even sure if he was actually standing completely before he fell. Now the non-pregnant me would have been laughing by now. But the pregnant me had actual concern, I asked him if he was okay and he said he thought so, he just couldn't get up yet, but wanted me to stay in the truck so I didn't fall too. I asked him again and he said "yes, and yes you can laugh now." He went into the bank, came back and I still wasn't really able to laugh about it yet. Then we start driving away and I recalled a previous time where he fell under the truck before and I was laughing soo hard I couldn't even get my sentence of "what is with you and falling under vehicles?" and next I knew I was balling. I went from full fledged laughing to crying about it. M told me to get control of myself and to put myself back together and I was actually quickly able to do so! Crazy pregnancy hormones.
2) I went for a slippery walk myself yesterday because someone wanted to go for a walk:
Don't worry Gracie wanted to come too! Love my new view though (baby was laying across my belly yesterday)!! And when we got back the Purolator truck was in my driveway delivering the crib mattress!! It just completed the nursery a little bit more!
3) Best sister in the world bought me some of this last night!! It is hard to get your hands on around here, so when you see it, if you are anything like her and I, you clear the shelves! It only comes out at Christmas and last year it didn't! I prefer to stock up so I have some throughout the whole year!!And in case you cant read that bottle: Schweppes Raspberry Gingerale! My favorite!

4) Today we hit 100 more days to go until Baby V is due! Time sure is flying!! The countdown is on:
5) This weekend is bound to be a fun filled weekend, as tonight we will be hanging with friends, tomorrow is the first Christmas party of the season - which is the firefighter's Christmas party and Sunday the nursery furniture should all be home and in place!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Jessica and Stephan said...

Have a great weekend Ashley :) stay warm and bundled up inside :)


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