Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Baby Update

Yesterday we hit our first bump in the road as far as the pregnancy goes. 

I will start off by saying, baby is doing great with a nice strong heart rate (158-160)

But this mama is now on blood pressure medication. My blood pressure is not high, but borderline elevated. I have a history of blood pressure issues in my past, so the doctor decided it was best to start treating the blood pressure now, in hopes of catching it early before it causes issues. He will be monitoring me a bit closer now as well because of it. 

I had been noticing more headaches lately and monitoring my blood pressure at home. I was getting an average of 130/95 to the upwards of 100. So it is not crazy high, but with that being said we do not want preeclampsia to develop. I have no protein in my urine at this point, so the diagnosis is still borderline hypertension. 

Good news is we get to see the baby again in 2 weeks, as he will be doing an ultrasound to check on my placenta, to make sure it's functioning properly, as well as checking on the baby's growth.

I am disappointed that this bump in the road has occurred, but as long as the baby remains safe, I will do whatever I have to. I knew it could become an issue, as my cardiologist had informed me when I was younger that it might come back when I get pregnant and sure enough he was right. It can be a bit scary when everything is going along smoothly and suddenly comes to a halt when something unexpected turns up. I say unexpected because I kind of got caught up in the everything is going great and smoothly that I just assumed it would continue. I was wrong. Luckily so far it is nothing to serious. The medication is safe for the pregnancy and hopefully the side effects will be minimal. They told me I may experience dizziness as well as be more tired. 

(18 week photo)

Love that button nose!! 
Hoping the next few weeks go smoothly, as well as the remainder of the pregnancy!


J and A said...

Glad they caught it now. Better safe than sorry. Glad babe is doing great though! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh no!! Glad they are being proactive and monitoring it now. Hope everything continues to go smoothly.

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I'm so glad they are keeping an eye on it. They can't fix something they don't know about, so it is good they are monitoring it. And extra ultrasounds are a nice side benefit. :) We got extra ultrasounds with Henry because of my cancer treatment stuff. It will be weird if we have a baby in the future to not get the extra ultrasounds. A good problem to have.

I hope the medication does the trick and you don't get many side effects. Like a pregnant woman needs something that will make her MORE tired. :)


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