Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was warm, wet and super windy!! We actually had thunderstorm warnings, as well as wind warnings. As I type this the wind is still howling, but the temp has dropped from 15 to 6 (sorry American friends, I'm not converting today) and the rain has stopped, just for some snow to appear tonight/tomorrow as the temp drops further. Crazy weather!!

Friday night M did a little but of this:

I was soo excited, as I knew his plan was to start on Saturday, but after he pulled all the Christmas totes out for me, much to my surprise, I thought he was wiping down baseboards! While he was busy edging, I put up the Christmas Tree! We have a fake one because I'm allergic to the real ones (learned that the hard way hives and all). I didn't decorate it, because tradition has it that M and I decorate it together every year! But just having it up and turned on is beautiful! 

Saturday M had to work, so while he was gone I turned the Christmas music on the TV and began to decorate. It was going well until the tv started playing a horrible selection of songs, which ended up putting me out of the mood instead of in it! When in doubt turn on your songza app and play new country - you can't go wrong with Jennifer Nettles, Blake Shelton or Luke Bryan. So I stopped decorating (I was about half way through). I made the cherry cheesecake I had to take to dinner that night and I can I just say I could have eaten just the cream cheese filling part all by itself? Yum! 

M got home from work around 2:30 had some lunch and went straight up to paint!! 
I just love how the color has turned out!! No second guessing on the color!! 

We had dinner at 6 over at the farm with friends of the family and photo clients. I was happy have that shoot done and handed over that night!! We came home around 10 and relaxed for a bit before heading to bed. Sleep hasn't been my friend for the last few days, so I was ever hopeful to get a good nights sleep and it was going soo well until M's fire pager went off at 2:30 AM. After that it was rough. 

Sunday we hut another big milestone with the pregnancy! Hitting 6 months gives baby V a great chance at viability if anything should go wrong, baby has a chance of medical intervention now! 

I went back at it with decorating and M went right up to paint after breakfast. The aqua is up on the walls and it looks great!! This might just become my favorite room!! Second coats went up and then we decided we actually needed to paint the trim again because there were a few spots that were scuffed up pretty good from the previous home owners. So M went to work on that before edging for the last time. 

A sneak peak of what my shadow found... 

M didn't quite get the trim done, before we had to goto dinner at the farm again with M's Aunt, but he says he should have it done by the weekend, as there isn't much left to do between the trim and edging!! Soo excited!! 
And the horrible green paint is all gone!!!

M also loaded up the wardrobe for the nursery to goto the farm where he will paint everything there. I still have the dressers to empty upstairs before they can go. 

Sunday we were home around 8:30 and put our feet up. Overall it was a pretty busy weekend, but a very productive one to say the least!! Having the nursery painted is a huge thing off our list and once the furniture is painted I can get up there and start organizing!! M hopes to have the furniture done next weekend!! 

Today I have some storage cubbies to switch over and go through with our hats and mitts and what not. The cats are on edge from the wind keeping them on their toes and the dogs and I will attempt a walk out there at some point today! I also have some baking to do for my party in Thursday! Hopefully I will get around to making the nuts and bolts today! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


MurdocksMama said...

Your weekend sounds like ours, weather-wise. Warm, super windy, tornado warnings.

You hit the jackpot with M! I need to find me one to work on my to-do list! :)

Yay for 6 months!! :)

Leigh said...

Can't wait to see how your nursery turns out :)

Katie said...

yeah for painting the nursery! how exciting! i need to start decorating for christmas!!

J and A said...

Go Mike!! Paint paint paint!!


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