Tuesday, October 20, 2015

15 Weeks

How Far Along:
15 weeks

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?

Stretch Marks?

We will find out in April! 

We will share in April, our girl names are pretty much set, but boy names are very few, I will say we have two contenders and a middle name picked out! 

I've been going to bed early, sleeping not to bad, but tossing and turning quite a bit. I can't seem to get comfortable and have been having a lot of lower back pain and growing pains. Allergies/pregnancy nose issues have been somewhat better, but seem to be hit and miss. 

Pumpkin pie! I am not usually a pumpkin fan, but the pumpkin pie with whip cream sure was yummy!! 

I can tell where baby is sitting and I think I felt the first flutter the other night. On the Doppler I can hear the baby going crazy with kicks and what not, but still can't feel them. 

Weight Gain:
Not sure to be honest. I think maybe 5 pounds? 

Pretty good! Happy Dad is out the hospital and doing well! Headaches are still around, but blood pressure readings have been good at home so far. Tired, but it's been busy to say the least. Felt lots of growing pains and back pain this week. 

What I Miss?
Not a thing! 

What the doctor had to say?
Don't see him this week. 

Spending time with our family, hitting up the pumpkin patch, celebrating thanksgiving. Getting tickets to see Luke Bryan at the end of the month!! 

Belly Button?

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward To:
Seeing Luke Bryan in 2 weeks!! 

These posts will be a week behind, as I am now 16 weeks. 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Size of a canary, so cute!! I am in the awkward stage, maternity clothes are all too big and regular clothes are getting too small. All my maternity clothes from A are too big since I weigh less now, urgh!
I cannot believe how much more I can feel baby #2 move!!
I hope your headaches go away, they are no fun.

Leigh said...

I'm impressed that you can tell where the baby is sitting already. Is it because it's the second one?

J and A said...

Headaches suck!! Go for a massage! I've had no headache today! Nuts. Luke Brian again!! Fun!


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