Thursday, October 22, 2015

Furry Updates

First thing on my mind... Worrying about this guy...

Last night not just 1 of our cats got out, but all 4 thanks to M not shutting the patio door properly when he got home from walking Gracie. It was dark and Lux was the only dead give away as far as his location went, but we managed to find the Binx and Jazz as well. They were all safe inside as it started to rain. But Felix had other plans... When I finally went outside to help M search, I found him, he was sitting still as I approached slowly, however he got spooked and then it became a game. However he made it out of the yard. So M and I went inside to let him calm down. M neighbour messaged me and told me he was on thier deck, so we went back out and searched, found him again, but he was too riled up and just ran. So we went back inside. Not 20 minutes later it started to storm, which he hates, so as much as I expected him home last night, my expectations changed. But I did expect to find him on the deck this morning, but he wasn't there and there was no sign of him in the yard.  

I know he was a stray and I'm sure he will be fine, but he is a part of our family now and there is something uneasy about family being missing!! 

Update: He is home safe and sound as of 9 AM this morning. Noah and I went out calling him, spotted him, opened the door and had Noah call him again and in he came running right to Noah!! Noah and Felix have a special bond!! 

Yesterday was just a hard day. Gracie and I took our first solo trip without Lily to the vet. I lost a few tears on the way there, a few more there when the vet asked about what happened with Lily and offered condolences and a few more yesterday afternoon. It was hard. Gracie is doing fine, but her lady bits still haven't healed up properly, so he gave her some cream to try to heal the skin. Poor girl! She is down 1 pound, which is good, we plan to get her down in weight. I think we both missed Lily a lot yesterday. I miss her every day, but our vet was able to give us some reasoning to why she died, which helps, but it just brings me back to that day, that lonely afternoon. He thinks a tumor must have erupted. Gracie and I survived the trip, we were both a little sad, and we will be. We are still healing over here. Heartbreak is no joke! 

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Hilary said...

So glad Felix is home! I know that feeling and it's terrible.


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