Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind

Our weekend was pretty amazing, the weather was just right, the leaves are beginning to change colors and fall and we spent lots of time with family!

Friday my Dad was discharged from the hospital! He is doing and feeling well. For that we are extremely thankful for over this weekend! Thanksgiving always makes you reflect on what you are thankful for, having gone through that recently it was an easy choice, along with the health of my family and friends, my sweet little growing family, a baby in my belly, a sweet little boy I couldn't imagine loving more, yet everyday I find a way, a loving husband who sticks by my side. We are just blessed and forever grateful for those around us, loving and supporting us along the way! 

Friday night was pretty low key, I stayed up late and watched the movie Max. It of course had me in tears, but overall it was a good movie! 

Saturday was spent doing laundry, tackling all of Noah's clothes in diaper boxes to be stored in bins! This was a huge job, that I am happy to have completed, plus it helped empty the spare room, soon to be Noah's big boy room!! Yup, I can see the floor!! I also managed to get a bag of clothes to my cousin who stopped by on her travels for her little guy! Feels good to get stuff out of the house!! I also snuck into town during nap time and grabs more totes that were on sale for toys and what not, and a few groceries too! 

My fake sleeper:

Saturday night we had ribs, Cesar salad and baguette for dinner. After dinner we decided to go through Noah's toys upstairs and take out all the ones too young for him and put them away in a bin. He actually didn't seem to mind this process and loved it when we brought in toys my sister had sent over that her kids had outgrown. 

I am pretty sure I went t bed shortly after him, just watched a few episodes of Kendra on Top on the box and went to bed. 

Sunday morning M and Noah tidied up the basement, we did more laundry and then tackled the toy area in the basement. We all spent the morning in our pajamas. Once we weeded thigh and put away the ones too small, we pulled out the two boxes of toys I got from some lady off a mom swap site for free. Noah was thrilled, there were lots of trucks, automated cars, dinky cars, etc. I will say, we didn't keep it all and will be donating the toys we didn't keep to goodwill. 

Daddy was having just as much fun...

We finished just in time for lunch and then nap time! M made hashbrown casserole for our potluck thanksgiving dinner and an extra one for dinner this week! Once Noah got up it was time to head to my aunts for thanksgiving! All spiffed up:

Our thanksgiving picture:

We got home around 7:30, got Noah in the tub and off to bed and then relaxed ourselves for a bit. I watched a bit of TV and headed to bed early again! 

Monday was gorgeous out! We decided to head to Snyders for the morning for some fall fun and to pick our pumpkins! 

We stopped for a snack, where we all enjoyed some pumpkin pie:

Crazy the difference a year makes!! 

A pumpkin for each of us:

When we got home, it was lunch time and then nap time! After nap time, M and Noah went back outside to roll up the pool solar cover that finally dried out and put away the rest of the cushions that were also finally dry! We popped over to the farm for a quick visit before dinner. 

For dinner we cooked a whole chicken, rice, and crescent rolls. This little guy had fun playing while Mommy and Daddy watched the blue jays win! 

Meal Plans this week:

Monday: Whole chicken, rice and crescent rolls
Tuesday: Hashbrown casserole
Wednesday: Chicken Salad of some sort
Thursday: Sausage and Fried potatoes 
Friday: homemade pizzas (we failed to have this last week)

This morning is trying to say the least... Another cup of apple juice all over the couch.... Noah knows the best times to hit up my side table. Needless to say his breakfast was delayed as I cleaned it up. I think I need to use cups with lids from here on in. Then we had the bib struggle... He refuses to wear a bib anymore, which is very frustrating for this mama who likes to keep his clothes nice and strain free. Hopefully the rest of our day is better!! The first day after a weekend, especially a long one is always guaranteed to be trying as we unwind back to our normal schedule!! 


J and A said...

Glad you guys had a great weekend and your Dad is feeling better! We go to get our pumpkins next weekend at the corn maze, so we may wait and buy them after, i don't want them to go bad! He is so cute fake sleeping!

Murdock's mama said...

What a great weekend! Now I want to see Max.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awesome news about your Dad!
That fake sleeping photo is too cute!!
I got one pumpkin this weekend but need to grab another still.
I hear you on the bib struggle, A has not worn any for months!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Fun weekend!! Noah looks so cute all dressed up for dinner!!

We forgot to take a family Thanksgiving photo :(

I'm trying to decide on a pumpkin hunt or going to the corn maze. We bought little pumpkins for the kids and they LOVE them. Although Leo tried to eat his...

Audrey only gets a cup without a lid when she's sitting at the table. The rest of the time she has a lid!


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