Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Can someone please tell me how my kid can sleep in (like monster sleep ins until almost 9 AM) on weekends but wakes up at 7 AM come Monday morning??? Ahhh!!! Granted he stayed up later on the weekend, but technically he stayed up later last night too!! Monday's are hard enough as it is with unwinding from the weekend, dealing with the toddler hangover and getting back into our regular routine!!

Friday I dropped Noah off at the farm so I could goto my OB appointment. It went well, blood pressure was high again upon arrival, which I found very frustrating, because my readings at home are great. However, my OB looked at my home readings and said he wasn't concerned, it could be just some white-coat syndrome we are dealing with at this point. I am to keep tracking at home and go back in a few weeks for our anatomy scan and then OB appointment right after. 

After my appointment I decided to stop at the mall to grab Cinnabon, since it was in the mall, I decided to take a stroll around and that is when it dawned on me - I am not a mall shopper anymore. I found it very frustrating, so after one loop around the mall, I grabbed my Cinnabon (from very rude staff I might mention) and was out of there and off to Costco! 

We were having dinner at the farm, so I picked up a nice apple pie from Costco, which I lots of left overs might I mention! I have wanted apple pie since thanksgiving! It didn't disappoint!! Grandma gave Noah some new rubber boots which he actually didn't mind putting on or admiring:

I was super tired by the time we got home and fell asleep while M was bathing Noah! I tried to stay up to watch the Jays game and made it till 10 AM, when M got a medical call. There was a rain delay, so I decided to "watch" it in the bedroom - aka fall asleep and M wake me when the game was over, which they lost so I didn't miss much. They had a amazing season, and should be proud. 

Saturday morning we all woke up at 8:50 AM!! It was amazing!! No complaints!! 

Although it didn't quite get us off to the early start I anticipated, as we were supposed to be dropping Noah off at 9 AM at the farm for the day. So we were about an hour behind, which was fine, we dropped off Noah, get back home and you bet M gets another medical call. Luckily he wasn't gone too long, long enough for me to enjoy my Cinnabon. He quickly ate his and off to work we went! Here is what we were dealing with:

It has literally been a drop zone for years, a craft room, storage room, you name it room. The day was long, but we did it! We got it pretty much empty!! It was a huge accomplishment!! Up next the wallpaper will be coming down, luckily it is only on the bottom half of the room!! We got rid of 4 
bags of donations and one box, 2 garbage bags, 2 recycling bins, and boy does it feel good to see it all leaving!! 

We finished around 4:30, I had a quick shower before we headed into town to pick up pizza and I grabbed more leggings from Giant Tiger for just $6 and they worked for my prego belly!! Which speaking of belly... Look how big it was some Saturday afternoon... Not sure what was going on??

It went back down come Sunday, but man I was large and in charge, so it must have been a stretching day or something... This pregnancy is soo different!! 

We had pizza at the farm and heard all about the fun Noah had! Noah was crazy after dinner and enjoyed playing hide and seek with Daddy:

But also enjoyed reading with Grandpa:

We got him back home and bed by 8:30 and another sleep in was had come Sunday morning until 8 AM!! Sunday we had Gabe's dedication service in London. We dropped Grace off at the farm and headed there for 11 AM. Noah amazed us with how good and quiet he was during the service!! He got quite a few compliments afterwards too!! 

We went back my Aunts afterwards for lunch and celebration, where Noah enjoyed playing the piano: 

He was a natural with hand position and posture, as if he had done it before and instead of banging on the keys like most kids, he actually played the keys and it didn't sound horrible!! Might have tointroduce the piano to him sooner than later. He might just play like his mama used to! 

We left around 3PM and within 5 minutes little man was fast asleep all while trying to pull his sock off:

We dropped the mattress off at the farm when we got home and we were going to goto Swiss Chalet for M's parents anniversary, but we decided to order take out instead, which was the best decision because when M got there to pick up, the restaurant was swamped and even the take out side was crazy busy! 

We enjoyed dinner and a full weekend of NO cooking at home!! 

That was our weekend all wrapped up!! 

Meal Plan Monday:

Monday: left overs from the weekend
Tuesday: homemade pizzas
Wednesday: hamburger helper
Thursday: a crock pot meal of some sort - more info to come... Haha
Friday: I am eating out and Noah and M will have dinner at the farm


P!nky said...

Looks like a packed weekend, lady! Cheers to everyone getting to sleep in and WAY TO GO on the room. It's never an easy process but once you start and get it done it feel so great, right? Hope you have a great week!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh toddlers! Avery is the kid that can go to bed at 7pm or 10pm and would wake up at the exact same time which is usually before 7am.
I was at the mall today at lunch and thought the same thing, after going into one store I was done!
My belly feels huge by the end of the day right now too! I am scared for 4 months from now! I think it all evens out though :)


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