Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello Monday!

We are off to an early start around these parts since a certain little man has decided 6:30 is the new 8 AM for the last few days! And of course it's the last few days that I have actually had to get up too. Our weekend was pretty low key!

I am actually struggling to remember what we did Friday night, one thing I'm sure is that I was in bed early haha. Real exciting times over here.

Saturday morning Noah went with M to run errands and to visit my Dad in the hospital. While I stayed home and folded baskets of laundry (we were about 2 months behind - soo embarrassing) while getting caught up on Kendra On Top on the box and hanging out with our fur babies who were all demanding extra attention! 

Check out Gracie's new look:

Reminds me of when she was a puppy!! Soo fluffy and cute! She had a great spa morning on Friday! 

And these two boys were up to no good as usual:

Once the boys got home and Noah settled for his nap, I headed into the hospital to hang out with Dad
for the afternoon! M ended up making plans to go for dinner with his friend and thier family to help
give into my Wonton Nacho craving! We ordered just appetizers which of course were not healthy at all, but soo yummy! I should be good for a while now! Noah had pizza and ice cream for dessert- which he was a big fan of:

After dinner I ran my left overs up to the hospital and ended up visiting for a bit longer - missing bedtime for Noah, which of course I hate, but luckily it doesn't happen very often. I went to bed before 10! That was a smart move because this little monkey woke up at 6:30 again! Such a stinker and M was gone early to help set up for the fireman's breakfast so you bet I was up just as early. He insisted on having his morning bottle with Gracie:

We headed for breakfast around 9 AM, which Noah sure enjoyed, but really he enjoyed sitting in ALL of the fire trucks instead of just one! 

Our little fire fighter:

Noah went down for a morning nap because he was up early, so I tackled putting away some of that dreaded laundry! M came home at noon, so I could take lunch up to Dad. I got home just after 2, had a quick nap and then back to putting away laundry. I'm happy to announce it is all put away and the mudroom floor was visible for a bit before I had M start bringing down boxes of baby clothes from the spare room that I plan to sort through this week. 

M and Noah headed outside to cut the grass while ribs were cooking in the oven! Noah did a nasty 
face plant hitting his head on M's running board on the truck, giving himself a giant goose egg! Poor guy! We watched Heartland while eating dinner, which is something we have always done when it's on!

Bedtime wasn't far behind for this little guy: 

After he went to bed, I ran into town to grab some groceries with J and got home just in time to finally order bedding for Noah's big boy room!! I of course had to order from the U.S., which sucks with the dollar, but I got a great deal and my Dad is willing to pick it up for me from the PO box, so it was meant to be! I think the colors will be perfect! It's just what I think I am looking for! 

Today a morning nap will be on the agenda today, as well as a nice walk, as it's supposed to be half decent today and not freezing cold like all weekend! I will also be awaiting my call from my sister or Dad once the doctor comes into see him to conference me in and hear the plan. 

And to start off a new thing here on the blog, as I love reading what others are doing as far as weekly menus go, here is our menu plan for the week!

Meal Plan Monday:

Sunday: Ribs and Italian Garden Salad
Monday: Easy Mac and Cheese - we tried this recipe two weeks ago and loved it and it really was easy
Tuesday: Chicken quesadillas 
Wednesday: Sloppy Joe Casserole, but instead of putting it on potatoes, I will be trying it with pasta
Thursday: Homemade Pizzas 
Friday: Chicken Fingers and French fries


P!nky said...

Sending you happy vibes and prayers for your Dad <3!

Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a productive weekend! I hope they find answers for your dad soon!

J and A said...

Hope your Dad is doing well! Sounds like a good weekend! I need to get meal planning. Oh man, it's bad. Glad you found bedding! Can't wait to see. :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I rarely remember what we did Friday but Sunday! Such a bad memory!
I agree I do not like missed bedtimes but as long as they are not all the time it is okay.
Awe, poor Noah! It amazes me how tough they can be though!


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