Friday, October 16, 2015

{ Friday's Five }

Boy did the weather take a change overnight... We are talking single digits and we may or may not (I'm hoping for may not) see some white stuff this weekend! I hope they are wrong! I'm soo not ready for winter!!

{1} The Blue Jays made it to ACLS. It was a crazy intense game... Our fans need some work when it comes to dealing with their emotions by NOT throwing their beer cans and garbage on other fans or the field... But our team did it!! Couldn't be happier!! 

Tonight is the first game of the next series! Let's go boys!! 

{2} my sister was able to get us tickets to see the one and only LUKE BRYAN!! We all know how much I love that man!! It's a sold out show and our seats are amazing! In just 2 weeks from today!! Soo excited!! I wasn't going to go because the concert is in the states, it a longer drive, but we got a great deal on the tickets, and we are able to stay at my Dad's girlfriends instead of driving all the way home, so it was just meant to be! Best way to spend that birthday money just sitting on the fridge waiting for something to come up! 

{3} this baby growing inside of me might just be a monster... After having growing pains this week, but bump has popped out even more! I wish I had taken a picture the other night, it was like a 6 month bump instead of 3.5!! I know the baby is just small and it is just my body preparing ahead of time, but the baby better not get used to having that much room in there!! With that being said I thinks at have felt the baby last night!! Just a butterfly feeling, not a strong kick, but still exciting 

{4} we have a weekend with no plans, so here is to hoping we can get a few more things accomplished around the house! Most of the outside stuff is done now, but boy is there a long list for inside!! Next weekend we get to work on Noah's big boy room, getting it emptied out!! 

{5} check out these adorable pants from Urban Tot!! I didn't get the best picture and will try again the next time he wears them, but I just love them and they are gender neutral so the next baby can wear them too!! 

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Hilary said...

I saw that crazy play from the game where the ball hit the batter's bat and the runner on 3rd stole home.

The temp is supposed to get cold here this weekend, too. It's been in the 80's and the high on Sunday is supposed to be 63. But I can't complain because that's no where near snow!!!!


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