Thursday, October 15, 2015

Noah - 18/19 months

I'm still getting over the fact that I have a year and a half year old!! Slow down time!!

Noah is a growing machine!! Since his birthday he has grown just about 4 inches!! So he did get the tall gene from his parents - clearly! He is weighing 29-30 pounds. So despite growing in length his weight is sticking around the same!! I will say you totally know you're carrying 30 pounds extra when lifting him! 

This past month Noah's language has taken right off. He is trying to talk more and more, with a few sentences - "I do it", "I can't do it". His words are becoming soo much clearer, but you can tell when he gets frustrated when we can't understand what he is saying and in his mind it makes the the most sense!! He loves pointing out farm animals, trucks and tractors when in the car. This age is ever changing so quickly!!

In just a few weeks, Noah went from no interest in blocks aside from throwing them to now sitting down and building with them!  But his favorite is definitely cars, trucks and tractors!! He still plays with his little people too! 

He still loves his dogs and kitties, he has been loving snuggles and sitting with mama. He has started to clue in about the baby by saying baby and pointing to my belly, or lifting up my shirt. He is also pretty excited to see friends babies as well. He will watch Thomas the Train, but only partial interest in Sesame Street or Curious George. He also loves commercials! He seems to think Grandpa is on the Joe commercial lately! 

Diaper changes are still the worst part of Noah's day and as he gets bigger and stronger, they are becoming more challenging to say the least! Temper tantrums are another not so fun part of this age as he is learning his feelings. He tends to have quite the temper, which we joke around saying it is from his Grandpa V! We are implementing time outs, which seem to help most days, but he usually starts to act out when he is either tired or hungry! 

We had mastered the sleep training and now Noah will put himself to sleep at nap time and bedtime!! However that has changed yet again. We have a set back since coming home from out west, but are trying to get back on track. Teething is our biggest issue right now and our main cause for the set back. I'm happy to say we are back to self soothing and his teeth have calmed down for the time being! Noah will goto bed around 7:30 pm and wake up around 7:30 am now. He will nap for about 1.5 - 2 hours once a day. There has been the odd time where he has waken up early and will end up with a 30 minute morning nap to take the edge off and then a shorter afternoon nap. Over the last few weeks we have also eliminates the soother, allowing him to have it in bed only!

Noah is a busy little boy, who loves swimming, and his skills have improved over such a short period of time. He will swim by himself, with his puddle jumper on now, blow bubbles, kick his feet and loves being dunked. Crazy to see how quickly his skills have developed, but we couldn't be prouder! 

Noah loves playing outside, going for walks, playing in the park - the swings are still his fav! Inside he loves his ride on toys, his tent, blocks, tractors or vehicles lol and books of course. He loves to climb and has just figured out jumping after practicing over the last month. 

This little boy is changing every single day and it is such a fun age - minus the temper tantrums of course. It's a big learning curve going on over here with the temper tantrums and hearing the word NO. He also thinks getting up on the back of the couch to turn off and on the lights is a lot of fun, but too dangerous for this mama. 

We went through a few tough weeks, but we are generally back to good days together. We have various activities we are doing weekly, like play groups on Monday and the library program on Wednesday. Friday mornings he usually spends with Grandma so I can do some running around child-free.

I will say that this age is soo much fun. 


Lindsay said...

Such a big boy now! Where did our baby boys go??
Oh man we are having soother problems here! All the sudden Sam is so attached to it! His favorite time is in the car and we are trying to limit it to just bedtime (and nap) but he cries in the car the whole time for it! How did Noah go with only having it at bedtime?

Murdock's mama said...

Such a cutie! :)

Sarah Alway said...

Oh man, this is so fun to read because he's just a couple months older than Ryder so I feel like I have so much to look forward to! I can't wait until his language improves, because it seems like it will make such a difference in his frustration level. Right now he's only saying a handful of single words, but it seems like he's adding a new one every couple days. And he's the same about TV -- not much interest in Sesame Street or Curious George, but he will watch music videos like it's his job! And man on man, the diaper changes are getting more and more frustrating with him as well, so I feel your pain girl! Noah is adorable.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a big boy! And so darn cute! We're still hanging strong at 23lbs over here ;) And we definitely have our share of temper tantrums too, which is frustrating for all of us haha. I still let Sully have his soother whenever he wants it - I'm not ready for that battle yet! How'd Noah take it when you started limiting it?? I feel like it's a losing battle since communication is still developing. Sesame Street isn't a favourite around here either…but I did introduce Chuggington the other day and that was a huge hit. Not sure if that was a good idea or not?! haha!


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