Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Things

Early day today, while you are reading this, I am already out of the house and starting my day. Silly me booked Gracie her spa day at 9 AM weeks ago, forgetting my MIL wasn't home for our typical Friday morning, where she watches Noah and I run my errands. Back to the original plan - I was gunna hang at my sisters who lives around the corner from the groomer, but now I will drive back to town with Noah and visit my Dad in the hospital and then drive back and pick up G.

We are not exactly getting answers as to what's going on with Dad and the doctors seem to be back peddling with their plan. The good thing is that he is tolerating the medicine okay and is feeling somewhat better. Unfortunately I can't stay up at the hospital with Noah all day while we wait to talk to the doctors, so I'm hoping to be conferenced in when the doctor gets there, so I can discuss my concerns and hear the reasoning behind the change in the plans. 

Yesterday Noah and I had a good visit with Dad for a bit, ran some errands and were home just in time for lunch, a visit from his other Grandpa who wanted to see Noah before they left for Italy today and then nap time. 

Not much else to report and I noticed I didn't share any pics on this post, as I have been slacking on the picture taking with how hectic life is right now!! 

I guess I will leave off with my outfit of the day yesterday, as we officially welcomed boot and sweater season - oh and a baby bump (13 weeks)


P!nky said...

You look great in your fall outfit, lady! Happy Friday!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Hope you guys get some good answers about your Dad, thinking about you!!
LOVE the baby bump!!


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