Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baby V2: 4 -12 weeks

Week 4:

- finding out we were pregnant! We were even more shocked this time compared to last time because it was our month off our meds! 
- getting the blood work results back and yes, we really are pregnant!! 
- told my sister and fertility friends right away (before M) as I was in complete shock. Told M's parents as well. 
- telling my mom the big news
- hitting up a BIG maternity sale at both Thyme Maternity and Motherhood!! 

Feeling pretty good. I have been going to bed at 9:30 PM most nights and napping when Noah does! Soo tired! That should have been a sign, along with a super sensitive nose, apple juice taste horrible again, peeing like crazy, some minor cramping, but I think that's to be expected. I am super nervous about our ultrasound coming up, but excited too!! I remember feeling this way last time too!! I am going to promise myself to stay positive and not worry unless I have to! 

I had a touch of spotting one night, which if course freaked me right out! But it hasn't happened again and the doctor was not concerned whatsoever. 

The bloat is crazy this time around, by the end of the day I look 3 months pregnant! It's going to be hard to hide this pregnancy! 

Week 5:

- telling my Dad, who was also completely off guard
- telling my cousin while out west, which worked out well because she helped me pull off fake drinking
- going out west

- pretty good
- it was a long week and the time change out west did a number on my sleep schedule. I sure missed out on a lot of sleep and just felt exhausted. Chips upset my stomach this week, apple juice is still horrible, peeing a lot, hiding the bloat is getting tricky! Feeling pretty good though otherwise. 

Week 6:

- horse back riding
- coming home from out west, man we missed Mike! 
- telling my two closest girlfriends, knowing I couldn't hide it from them!
- sleeping in my own bed and wearing comfy pants! 
- we had our ultrasound this weekend and turns out you are 6.5 weeks instead of 7! This makes a lot of sense since we figured I must have ovulated later!! Seeing the heart beating made me tear up. 

- tired, definitely napping with Noah when he does. 
- enjoying a few baths this week which help me relax.
- nervous for this weekends ultrasound, but excited at the same time
- nauseous after eating a few different things, seems to also just be coming in waves, in the afternoon and before bed. 
- Loving milk and water. 
- fountain Coke has never tasted soo good!! I hate dark coloured pop, so this is completely bizarre to me!! 
- bloating is still crazy, I feel like 3 months pregnant. 
- runny nose started up and my lavender oil isn't touching it!! Boy did I not miss that!! 
- soo blessed!! Seeing this baby's little heart working already was soo special! 

Week 7:

- told one more close friend
- this was a very hard week, with my Dads health scare and then losing our sweet Lily girl! 
- looking forward to seeing the baby again via ultrasound on the weekend, which is a perfect reassurance after a week like this.

- tired! Soo very tired!! Nothing is getting done, which is driving me crazy, because I don't have the energy, I sleep when Noah does! Sleeping at night hasn't been good! 
- eating sweets is giving me crazy canker sores in my mouth!! 
- stressed, heartbroken, sad, upset and tired. 

Week 8: 

- celebrated my birthday even though I wasn't in the mood to celebrate, but man did that ice cream cake taste good. 
- bought Dairy Queen cupcakes!!
- had another ultrasound and it was just what I needed! A nice strong heartbeat of 178 had me in tears. We also found out we get one more at the clinic in a week and a half to officially get our due date! 
- busted out the maternity jeans... Only wore them twice... Seems soo early, but why be uncomfortable when I have them sitting in a drawer

- pretty miserable and moody, I will snap out of soon I hope, it's all just from dealing with the loss of Lily.
- done by the day's end with a teething monster
- nausea came back with a vengeance 
- amazed with this sweet baby!! 

Week 9: 

- saw my family doctor for the first time since calling to tell them. 
- spent the weekend at the boat
- told some people down at the lake
- finding the baby's heart beat at home with our Doppler!! Love hearing this title peanut!! 

- much better mood wise, however patience level is still dwindling with teething taking its toll on Noah! 5 teeth (3 molars and 2 eye teeth - all at once)
- bloating
- nauseous randomly
- tired. 
- dry mouth

Week 10:

- having our last appointment at the fertility clinic and seeing this active baby again. Finding out our due date is more of a week... Anytime between April 2-6, 2016.
- heart beat was 167, baby was a dancing machine 
- a super busy week, with a super cranky toddler made for one even longer week, but we survived. 

- just tired, early mornings are killing me lately
- no nausea this week
- dry mouth
- allergies are horrible

Week 11:

- spilling the beans to our family and friends! 
- taking our announcement photos
- took Noah to the farm show... Ended up having to use a portapotty.... Damn pregnancy bladder. 
- gave into another craving of chocolate chip quick bread!  

- tired - can't wait for more energy
- dry mouth
- finally had my prenatal blood work done and man did it just suck the life out of me - soo exhausted!
- when I cough I feel like I could throw up... Not enjoying this symptom! 
- allergies

Week 12:

- having more energy finally!! Not buckets, but I'm at least having productive days and getting back on track around the house! 
- gave into the craving for Cherry Cheesecake and I made it at 9 PM! Soo good!! 

- more energetic
- allergies or pregnancy rhinitis is really taking its toll in the sleep department and my nose is just raw. Soo sore! 


P!nky said...

Glad you are feeling good, I'm sending you extra ZZZZs!

J and A said...

So exciting! Glad your energy us coming back and you feel pretty good!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad you are feeling better! My blood work sucked everything out of me too! I am slowly getting back to "normal" but have this horrible gag thing going on lol.
Excited to "be" pregnant with you again!

Alana Livingston said...

So exciting! Do you have any feeling on the gender?


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