Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Rewind/ Meal Plan Monday

This weekend didn't go quite as planned, but we still managed to get most of the stuff we wanted to get done.

Friday night was girls night, where we of course watched the Jays lose. Hopefully they turn thier luck around today back at home!

 M also ended up agreeing to do a backhoe job on Saturday morning, which kind of put a damper on my clean sweep plans. But I knew he needed to get it done and I know he still has one more to do at some point. It's hard with him signing up to do things on weekend where he will be gone for long periods because Noah really depends on that time with Daddy, since he doesn't see him much during the week. The worst part is Noah has come to know that is his time with him too! But we managed. Noah didn't start going squirreley until about 20 minutes before M came home. I did get some laundry folded while Noah had a morning nap - thanks to waking up early of course! 

I also discovered when it came time for breakfast that Felix had helped himself to the bagel bag... Such a jack ass cat!! Once a scavenger, always... Luckily the rest of the bag was fine! 

Saturday afternoon we did some cleaning, but mostly we just played with Noah. M wanted to go out and rake up some leaves to take down to the yard waste, but it snowed right before Noah woke up leaving everything wet. Yes, you heard me, it snowed. I didn't actually see any until Sunday morning, as I had a nap in the afternoon as well and missed it - aw shucks.

Saturday night I decided to tackle fixing Noah's blanket I made him, it was almost in two pieces thanks to washing with all of Noah's stuff and Velcro on a bib got stuck to it and well... It just wasn't good. I'm definitely not the best repairer, as I had no clue how to even tackle the job, but it's back together and Noah is happy.

Sunday morning we had waffles for breakfast to start our day! I woke up to this: 

Luckily most of the snow on the ground had melted by the time I got up at 8 AM! We got ready and headed out to pick up my latest kijiji find, a Ford F150 Power Wheels ride on truck for just $50! After we picked that up we had to head into town, we grabbed lunch, socks for Noah, since his were all getting small and sock season is here, even if Noah is in denial about this and rips them off. Then we hit up Walmart and headed back home. Noah loved eating his sub by himself! 

M of course got a fire call for a car roll over, so we dropped him off at the hall when we got back in the village and heard home ourselves after watching the fire trucks leave. It was naptime for Noah once we got home and I got right to work on getting our chili going, as we invited M's parents over for dinner. We also cooked lots of sweet potato I had bought on sale for Noah and got that in the freezer. We finished cleaning the house and boy does it feel good to say the bathrooms are deep cleaned and the dining room is clean. Let's see how long we can keep it this way. It is the hub of the house and ends up being a drop zone. 

We enjoyed chili and fresh bread for dinner with M's parents and then headed outside after dinner to show Noah his new wheels!! We were all pretty excited to show him and see how he did with it. At first he was just excited to sit in it, but once we showed him it moved, there was a whole new excitement! It was even better when he figured out he could push the petal himself, but steering is to worked on. He loved it!! 

We were planning to get him a new one for his birthday, and we still will, as this one is a single seater, but this one can goto the farm for him to rip around on. 

He was pretty wound for sound before bed, playing with Grandma and Grandpa and running circles around the room, but went to bed with no issues, although it did take him longer to settle. 

We have been working on wheening Noah off the bottle. He only gets two a day, but he is old enough now to use cups. So we started cutting out the evening bottle, we currently have it down to half a bottle right now, but tonight I might try the cup again, as it went over well this morning. This morning I didn't mention bottle, just gave him a cold cup of milk. He accepted it willingly. I was pretty proud, as we tried this a few months ago and it was a huge failure! My little boy is growing up!! 

Meal Planning Monday:

Monday: Chicken Salad 
Tuesday: Homemade Perogies from the freezer
Wednesday: Spaghetti
Thursday: Rice and Italian Chicken Thighs
Friday: homemade pizza - we still haven't had this yet!! 


P!nky said...

SNOW!?!?! Oh my goodness, now way! So not ready for that yet.

Waffles for breakfast, yummy!

Leigh said...

Yuck to the snow! And nice find on the car :)

J and A said...

Snow. Boo. Fun car!! Ha ha glad you still got lots done this weekend! I need to make waffles. I love having extras in the freezer.


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