Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally Friday!!

Sorry for the lack of Ground-Hog Day blogging... I was happy with our response! Early Spring it is and with the weather like what we are having, I kind-of believe the furry friend! Maybe we will just skip over winter!?

Yesterday was a busy day! I headed off to London to see the little B-Man aka Brandon and spent the day with my sister and Hannah. We went for lunch at Pizza Hut - love the lunch buffet!! Then we decided we better do a bit of shopping! I have too many little ones to shop for right now! They need to keep me out those baby sections because I don't know when to stop, everything is soo small and cute! 

Brandon already received the world's best shirts:
It says - My Auntie Is Awesome and it has a lightening bolt!!

I gave that to him yesterday! Although he is not allowed to call me Auntie - just Aunt. I find Auntie does NOT go with Ashie - I know he won't get the Ashley down, as Hannah still calls me Ashie. I thought of getting him a shirt about Papa - since Hannah still calls Mike "Papa" for a reason we will never know, but will also call him "Uncle Mike".

So anyways, I made it out of the baby sections okay, then we went back to La Vie En Rose - hello sale, take an additional 30% sale items - um okay! I bought another pair of slippers and 3 pairs of pj pants. I also learned that chasing a almost-3 year-old is insane, especially in a store without toys! We survived!

We went back to the Ronald McDonald House - which is pretty amazing I must say! Dropped H off with her dad and Amy and I headed up to see Brandon. I got the cutest pics:

A little smile :) Ya - he is posing already!

One eye open!

Oh geez, I love this one soo much, aside from his gucky lips, which the nurse fixed after, but it is still my favorite!

While at the hospital visiting him, I decided to pop up and see my Grandma, since she was admitted earlier this week. I was told she was not doing well at all. Well, she was great, better than the last time I saw her! I wasn't going to go right in her room, as she was pretty much isolated because of infection. I am at a higher risk for infection than normal, so I was going to play it safe, but the nurse said it had been dropped. I put a gown and gloves on to be safe though. I helped her with her dinner and adjusted her bed. We talked about my job, my marriage, all the juicy stuff as she would put it. She couldn't believe M and I will be married 5 years in July. She was smiling like crazy - not fake smiles either, but big smiles. We laughed and chatted - it was nice, I was sad to leave her. I told her I would pop in to visit her next weekend, when I will back in London for Hannah's 3rd Birthday! Time flies!!

Overall, it was a great yet busy day!! By the time I got home, I was beat. I managed to watch Private Practice, but was not loving Grey's.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!! I'm linking up with Hollie today too for Follow Friday!

Have a great weekend!!


Carolyn said...

What a precious little angel face!!! SO CUTE!

J and A said...

Oh he is so sweet. Love the onesie too. I stear clear of baby clothes, I am obsessed!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

sounds like a terrific day indeed ashley! seeing the newest member of your family and and older member of your family, it warms my heart to hear you had such a terrific time with your grandma. and that is such a cute onesie for your nephew

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Happy to have found your blog. Thanks for swinging by!

Classy in KC said...

That baby couldn't be any cutier! I love the last picture to it's like he's throwing up his hands like "what?". Hahah. Adorable.

Classy in KC said...

That baby couldn't be any cutier! I love the last picture to it's like he's throwing up his hands like "what?". Hahah. Adorable.

Sarah said...

Hey friend - that sounds like a lovely day! Brandon looks awesome. Wyatt has the same hat, although of course it is bigger on Brandon. I am happy to hear he is doing well
Love you :)

ousoonerchick said...

I really liked greys. I want addy to get over Sam already and date baby doctor!
ugh I did it again, you write a great post and then you say something about tv and thats all i write about. I'm horrible.

Amanda said...

Such a precious little face! Sounds like you had a busy and good day with the ones you love! Hope you're having a good weekend!

Michelle said...

Your nephew is soooo adorable.

And I agree, baby clothes sections are so addicting! I stay out as much as I can :)

Holly said...

Your nephew is super cute, and I love the onesie you bought him! :)

Just dropping by from #FF.


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