Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bachelor Link Up #5

Before I get started on The Bachelor... can I just say that Tuesdays are my Mondays... Yes, I start my work week on Tuesdays, so I do haul my butt out of bed begrudgingly, but this morning was extra tough - another phone call came in at 4 AM - um hello world, it is 4 AM in Canada and it sucks to wake someone up just to hang up on them! The least you could do is say "Sorry wrong number, go back to sleep." Then when I do get my butt out of bed 20 minutes late, I turn on the shower and go to hop in - COLD water. I shut off all the cold water and ran just hot all the way and it was cool water. Houston Hubby we have a problem!! So M will be busy tackling the hot water tank tonight. Hopefully the rest of my day goes smoother!!

Now on to the craziness some of us watched last night...

Kacie B and Ben had the one on one and it was soo cute! I really like her! She seems pretty genuine, yet laid back. She was open and honest with Ben last night regarding her eating disorders.

The group date was kind of boring in my opinion, yet neat to see a different part of Panama. One of my other favorites got the group date rose: Lindzi! I still like Emily and she was brave to try to apologize to Courtney, because I can't say that I would have! I love that Ben stood Courtney up to her private offer to meet up in her room! Winning!!

Courtney: Stop using your body to trick Ben. Branding men does not mean you "win". Causing a distraction during girls one on one time by stripping down to your bikini is just rude. Just because Ben went skinny dipping with you once does not mean that he wants to do it all the time!

The 2 on 1 date was silly. Blakeley was over-confident and Rachel was more shy, but pushing herself to be more outgoing because of Blakeley, which in the end made her get the rose of the night. I was surprised with that because Ben seems to go for the crazy ones! So Blakeley goes home and was shocked with Ben's decision and did NOT take it well!

Casey S gets pulled aside by Chris because if a previous relationship and ends up going home after admitting that she still loves someone back home, but she does not want to love him. Ben was pissed with this news. That is the one thing I like about Ben, he doesn't pussy-foot around how he feels, if he is mad, he lets them know, but not in a mean way. Casey S had her ugly cry going and I truly did feel bad for her, she was just trying to move on. She may need some counselling!

Now onto the Rose night, or should we call it Jamie's night? Did Jamie sign up for the wrong show? This is not Virgin Diaries... I am hoping she was just really drunk, but either way she embarrassed herself on national TV! Maybe she likes the role play? I don't know, but what I do know is that she tried to tell Ben how to kiss her. Awkward does not even sum it up. She gave a play by play on how things are supposed to go and even at that they didn't go as planned. I think it went wrong when she tried to get on his lap while wearing a pencil skirt. Yikes! I was also surprised that when Ben sent her home, that she didn't stop him right then and there and tell him that he is doing it wrong! If anything it was humorous!

Overall, not a horrible episode, it ended quite entertaining - thank you Jamie!

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Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Oh my gosh the whole thing with Jamie made me feel SO awkward. Like I was speechless.
I am sooo glad Blakely went home! She deserved that for being too confident. And my favorites are now Kacie B. and Emily.

ousoonerchick said...

I love the play by play. Was that kiss not horrible?! I really don't like Courney but I really think he's going to end up with her. AHHH

Jenn said...

I can not STAND Courtney. I found her little monologue about finding guys who dont appreciate her and being tired of it, annoying. Perhaps if she gave them the RIGHT reasons to like her, they would appreciate her. Guys only stay focused to SEX-only for so long. Once they realize you're a B, they are out.
It's obvious by how she interacts with others that she is ALL about herself. Can't stand her. And her weird over-bite lip thing she has going on. Ugh. Annoying.

J and A said...

Jamie was totally awkward!! awful.
:( I so needed Courtney to go. Boo. She better go next week!!

Simply Amy said...

Jamie was so awkward, that poor girl complete embarrassed herself on TV. As for Courtney… she has zero class and no respect for any of the other girls. I am sure we will be seeing her on the Bachelor Pad next season!!!

Miranda said...

yah that Jamie thing was awkward...i knew she was going home. And Courtney is bothering me so much...i hate that she just jumps in a pool in a bikini and then says "the other girls aren't trying"...i just think the other girls aren't crazy like her. But the more and more i hear him talk about her worries me and what he may be liking/wanting from her


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