Monday, February 6, 2012

Manic Monday

We had a great warm weekend in Canada... duh.....  in February... duh... so what is my point? IT WAS WARM! Yes, it is usually freezing in this neck of the woods, but not this past weekend and not today!! My clothes are going to hang on the line today!!

Friday night we had a quite night in.

Saturday we went into town, had some lunch and did some shopping! Guess what we bought? Wood blinds!!! I am in love with them, and they are not even hung! They won't get put up until after the renovation, but I am still excited!!!

We took the girls for a nice walk and I got caught up on my PVR.

Yesterday we went to N & K's for Superbowl! Unfortunately the Patriots lost, but we still had fun!

An update on Brandon: Over the weekend he has been moved up 2 pods, and is the closest to the door in the NICU - the closer to the door the better, the next step is going home if everything continues go smoothly. He is without oxygen now, in a crib instead of an isolate, he can wear clothes and have blankets and he has a private room! I am soo happy things are progressing so quickly!! Now he just needs to be able to eat on his own and gain weight and his feeding tube will be removed.

So today I plan to spend sometime in the sewing room and get some housework done. I also think I will take the dogs for a nice long walk to soak in this weather before it gets cold again!


J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Love wood blinds!!

Anonymous said...

Sad the Pats lost too. Great day to take the dogs out for a walk. It's really warm here in Northern Vermont too. I took Chloe out today!

Mimi said...

Well wishes to baby Brandon! I hope he gets to go home soon!

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Murdock's mama said...

I heard it was super warm & sunny there! We actually got our first snowfall this weekend! :)

Yay for wood blinds...I love them!!


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