Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bachelor Recap # 6

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I am skipping out on the link up today, because no one has linked up the last couple of weeks. So if you want to share your opinion, you can leave a link below in the comments or just write your opinions in the comments - whatever is easiest!

I had another amazing night of sleep on my new pillow! M's explorer broke down last night, luckily he managed to get home with minimal steering. I'm not too sure what went wrong with it, but I am also not overly upset, aside from the fact that we have to pay to fix it. I cannot wait to get rid of it - but we already knew that!! 

When M and I were shopping on the weekend, I found THE purple door mat but it was $25 bucks for a door mat, which I thought was ridiculous! M told me to buy it, but of course I didn't, I just couldn't justify it. I got home and told M I should have just bought the mat, I really liked it and it would have matched perfectly. He told me has was going to buy it for me for Valentine's Day. However, M and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. Well I woke up this morning to my mat!!! I know it doesn't sound romantic, but I was thrilled!! He told me that since it was a gift, $25 for a mat wasn't soo bad and that I wouldn't feel bad having it, because it was a gift. He soo knows me!! I love my husband, and even though we don't celebrate V-day, he totally shows me how much he loves me everyday. Even by buying me this mat. it just goes to show how well he knows me and how I would feel. I really do love him like crazy!!

On to The Bachelor... I will be honest I may have missed a few things last night, as sweet baby K came along with J and we had to get her all caught up on Ben. K thinks Ben needs to cut his hair too - she may have squealed when she saw him on the TV.

I think I need to go to Belize!!

Sorry that statement deserved a paragraph of it's own! So I still dislike Courtney, I agree with Kacie, she is like a black widow, and I found the clip at the end of the episode with Courtney and the tarantula very fitting. I may have also been waiting for it to bite her - not to mention who in their right mind would approach a tarantula? Enough said - we all know she is crazy!

So unfortunately Ben sent Emily home and the reason is probably because of Courtney, but we will never know that. Luckily Kacie and Lindzi are still keepin' it real. Although I would be happy to see Ben with anyone except for Courtney. Soo Emily and Rachel were sent home.

I am guessing by the looks of what the tabloids are saying - Courtney ends up with Ben and then burns him. Surprise surprise... can't say they didn't warn you Ben!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!!


Pamela said...

Courtney kiiiills me! I heard the same from the spoiler, he deserves her if he is that stupid! The girls tried to warn him! Oh, well. There always has to be someone like that on the show ha!

J and A said...

I love that you got your mat! I wanna see pictures! I loath Courtney. yuk.

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

I could not believe that Ben still gave Courtney a rose!! When is he going to realize she is crazyyy?

Simply Amy said...

i have heard the same spoiler! i can't believe he is that stupid!

HayleyKiah said...

I actually haven't been watching the past few episodes but your recap always entertains me!


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