Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hero & March Sponsor Swap

Before I goto into detail about the March Sponsor Swap, I wanted to share a touching heroic story with you all regarding a good friend of ours!!!

You know how I have mentioned N & K and litte G? I have never gone into detail about them before... and hopefully they don't mind me sharing... but anyways. M and N grew up together in the village, they are both on the village fire department together and we live around the corner! N is also a city firefighter too! We have become quite close over the last couple of years, hence why I feel the need to share this story.

While vacationing in Fort Meyer's, Florida, they were on thier way home from a full and exciting day at Disney, when they saw a car go up on a curb, over a side walk and crash into a light pole, which fell on top of the car. The car caught fire and there was an unconcious male inside. K called 911, while watching N run to the burning vehicle and pull the man out to safety - with out gear, with out any tools. Amazing!!!

I am soo proud of him!!! This man would have burned to death if N hadn't been there!!! Here is a pic K took on her phone while watching:
You can see N laying over the unconcious male, with the car roaring in flames.

You can also catch the story here:

You can read more about N here!!
Sorry the vidoe is bigger than my margins!!

Now on to the Sponsor Swap!

Now that I have a button, I would love to see it on your blog!! But I would also love to post yours under my sponsor heading on the left!!! Let me know if you are interested?! I plan on doing an introductory post to introduce my sponsors!!

I know I love finding new blogs to follow, but I also love having new bloggers find me, therefore this idea will be the best in both scenarios!!


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What an amazing story!!! I would want to share it too! Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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