Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drink Mix Should Not Stain/New Blog Reveal

Soo I skipped blogging yesterday because it was Family Day here in Ontario!! Yep a stat holiday to spent with family. M and I had a great day together!! However, you may notice a few changes around the blog today! I updated it a bit, with a new layout, a new header, a button, sponsors will be welcome soon, etc. I hope you like the changes!!

I had quite the weekend, in case the title didn't express that... Friday night M and I went to the hall to set up tables and then had a quiet night, as we knew the next one would be busy. Saturday morning I had big plans, that never ended up happening - you know that sewing that needed to be done or the cookies I wanted to bake. Instead I showered, decorated the hall with K, came home, curled my hair, got dressed (in 2 of my favorite shirts! - this is relevant later) and headed over to K's and curled her hair and then it was time to head to the Firefighters Wing Sizzler!

The night was a hit and we had a great turn out!! I'm pretty sure this will be an annual thing!

I had decided that I would drink that night, which I had not done in like 3 months! I had just finished filling my cup at the mix table, went to turn around and some BIG guy bumped into me... the drink splashed up in my face, in my hair and all down my favorite WHITE shirt. I was drinking cranberry and vodka... FML! And then the spilling continued for the rest of the night, mostly by others bumping into me and then me becoming careless aka tipsy. By the end of the night my shirts had orange juice and cranberry juice stains, but the good thing is, my hair stayed curled. I don't think I have danced in over a year! This next statement should sum up my night - by the end of the night I was drinking BEER! I hate beer! Fear not no pictures were taken because my camera had no memory card! Opps! It's probably for the best!

But I miraculously woke up without a hangover!! I went to the hall and took down the decorations, dropped them off and home I went to do my sewing!! I had an hour before the shower! I ended up making a burp cloth and soother holder - however I didn't take a picture - I was pressed for time! S's shower was great!!

As soon as I got home from the shower, we headed to Toronto for dinner at the Keg. On the way home I realized I was still buzzing, as the lines on the 401 were intertwining.

Monday, M and I relaxed most of the day, did some laundry, I made my cookies - which the bottoms ended up burning because M put vegtable oil on pans to grease them - note to anyone - it doesn't work the same when baking! I did manage to get the stains out of my shirts!! They should make drink mix that does not stain clothes!! Oh and Brandon is now up to 5 pounds and 2 ounces!! Holy this boy can eat!! He is progressing wonderfully and I feel he will be home before we know it!!

Now on to The Bachelor... all I need to say is that Ben is sooo clueless about Courtney! He should end up Lindzi!!! I can see why Kacie went home, I think they would have been better as friends! But she was devastated, as to be expected. Courtney's wedding idea was retarded, I cannot stand the way she talks or the scrunched up faces she makes - it is NOT cute! I like Nikki too, but I am trying not to get too attached, because I still see him picking Courtney in the end, but have liked Linzi since the start! I think Ben learned a lot more about the girls and it was neat to see them plan thier own semi-realistic dates - excluding Courtney!


Nathan said...

I really like the modified look!

J and A said...

Love the new look! Ah your poor shirt. You make me laugh, glad you had a GREAT weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

christine donee said...

WHAT? family day? why do we not have this? now I'm mad.

Lindsey Cazac said...

Drink mixes are the worst!! WE had to resurface our wood counter-tops due to those monsters.. Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you!I'm a new follower :)


HayleyKiah said...

Drunk people and white clothing probably never mixes well. And I love the new header precious!

Megan said...

Oh, the Bachelor has been making me so sad. I can't believe that he is still under Courtney's spell!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

haha, that is why I don't wear white ever, unless I have to! Sober or when drinking! For me, being a clutz, its just an accident waiting to happen!

Lay said...

We had Family Day in Alberta too! And I had a similar experience this weekend as well with a white shirt and beer being spilled on me... not a pretty sight!


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