Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better than...

  • I like Sprite better than 7 Up.
  • I like M&M's better than Smarties.
  • I like Purex better than Tide.
  • I like Nestle bottled water better than Dasani.
  • I like Lays better than Ruffles. (Used to be the other way around.)
  • I like Canada Dry better that Schweppes.
  • I like Puffs better than Scotties Kleenex.
  • I like Hot Chocolate better than Coffee.
  • I like Aple Juice better than Orange.
  • I like Aveeno facial care better than Oil of Olay.
  • I like Chapstick better than Blistex.
  • I like Victoria's Secret better than La Senza.
  • I like Strawberry Samba wine better than Tropical Tango wine.
  • I like vodka better than rum.
  • I like Ford better than GM.
  • I like Cashmere better than Charmin toilet paper.
  • I like Secret deodorant better than Lady Speedstick.
  • I like AquaFresh better than Colgate toothpaste.
  • I like pink lemonade better than regular lemonade.
  • I like Kraft peanut butter better than Skippy.
  • I like white chocolate better than dark.
  • I like Cesar salad better then garden.
  • I like Xbox 360 better than PlayStation III.
  • I like D'Italianio bread better than Wonder.
  • I like Adidas better than Nike.
  • I like skim milk better than 1%.


Kit said...

I like this a lot! I too love skim milk better than any other kind!

Diana Mieczan said...

hahah..That is so cool:) Thanks for the smile,darling

Kari said...

I love Purex too. And it's alot cheaper.


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