Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunch Time = Strange

I know what you are all thinking.... what is strange about lunch?

Well you see, I work in a bigger centre then where I live and grew up. Yes, that is right I am a small town girl, working in a "big city" world... The city I work in is not THAT big... But anyways, on my lunch, I drive over to the closest bank... little did I know that it was not a REAL bank... just an automated teller... aka bank machine.... stupid... But who cares, I was just depositing. I walk into this bank and there is a sketchy dude outside the building and a sketchy older lady in the bank, that obviously had not looked in the mirror in about a week. (I am going to rewind a touch: when I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed an older lady getting a dog out of her car (a cockapoo or something of that nature)). This lady had just walked into the bank ahead of me with the dog, and the other crazy lady held the door open for me (How nice). I am waiting for the machine and the ladies dog is growling and barking at me. She finishes at the machine and I step up to deposit my cheque and she says to me "I didn't like the look of that guy outside the door". I told her I had not noticed... (Just wanted to make her feel comfortable). She then says to me "I think I will wait in here until you are finished and we can go out together." I tell her that would be fine. I finish up, walk over to the door and open it for her and her dog is snarling and pretty much trying to bite me. The coast is clear, there is no crazy person and she says "You just never know anymore, Thank You." I tell her no problem and send her on her way with "Have a good day".

I know, seems pretty normal, but a couple of things crossed my mind.... What kind of world do we live in that we feel unsafe to walk into a building? How did she know that I was not going to mug her? I mean yeh, I suppose I look professional in my business attire, but I still could have, she didn't know me from Adam... The guy outside was a young punk... get the stereotyping? What will happen the day that a mugger dresses up in business attire? What happens if a mugger looks like a professional? She could have set herself right up. The other thing crossing my mind and made me giggle to myself was the fact that the lady clearly did not have to worry with that dog of hers. That dog would not let anyone near her...

Yesterday at lunch I had a stranger encounter as well. M and I have decided to rehome our fish in our aquarium, as we just don't have the time anymore to maintain it. I posted an add on Kijiji (which is like Craig's List). I received several emails about them and one guy had decided yesterday morning that he would like to come and pick up the fish at lunch time yesterday. I will admit I was a bit hesitant, not because I will miss the fish, but because I was home alone. I was not big on the idea that a stranger would be coming into my house, while I was home alone. There have been a lot of problems with this type of thing in the bigger cities around, where people get robbed/raped/killed. So I consulted with my Mom (who works with criminals everyday) and she said to have a plan, I could talk to her on the phone, or have a neighbour come over, or something. I knew just what to do, I called M's Mom, who lives less than 5 minutes away and told her I was having a stranger come over to pick up fish and I just wanted someone close to know, just in case. She kinda laughed at me, but understood and told me to call her when they left. The guy came with his wife (nice couple actually), they were going to surprise their boys with the fish for when they got home from school! I knew the fish were going to a good home! I called Mikes Mom back and she said if she hadn't heard from me soon, she was going to come over!

I guess you can never be to careful!! Has anyone felt the same way?

You just cannot trust that all people are good!

Then this morning I was reading the newspaper and right on the front page was a man that was robbed at gunpoint, after agreeing to meet someone posing as a buyer for one his ads on Kijiji. Luckily the guy was unharmed, but was robbed! Just plain and simple crazy!! I think I will just make sure that someone else is home with me for any strangers popping by.

What has this world come to?! Disgusting isn't it?

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