Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Wow, does anyone else find it crazy that this coming weekend is the LAST weekend in November? CRAZY!!! Where has the time gone?

Friday was low-key and was nice and relaxing!

Saturday we got a lot accomplished!! I worked on our closet (that is not in our room, but the room beside us.. we do not have a closet in our Master.) I organized it all by type of shirt (collared shirts, hoodies, long sleeve, t-shirt, dressy t-shirt, tanks, etc.) With our new dressers we are able to put more clothes in drawers than having to use our hanging shelves. Which I can now use upstairs! While I was working away at that, M was outside winterizing our yard. The gardens are all cut back, my mum is planted, grass is cut, leaves are raked, and the patio furniture is back at the shed, just not put in it yet, as my front porch furniture is still at large.. on the front porch! So it is just about complete!! When M finished outside, we decided to change the great room around! Now I am loving the new layout! We have decided to only put up one Christmas tree this year and it will go down in the Rec Room in the basement! We are not hosting any Christmas events, so we don't really need to put up two! Saturday night was the parade in town and M was in it with the Mutual Aid Fire Department. (That is an organization for all of the departments to basically work together.) After the parade we went and grabbed some dinner and hoped to get some Christmas shopping done, however.... everything was closed, except for Wal-Mart. We did not end up getting any Christmas gifts... I know... we suck!! lol

Sunday, Mike went into town to help a friend move a washer and dryer in the morning and we had to be at the farm by 11. M's parents have a "Pie Night" every year around Christmas time. It is delicious!! We make a whole bunch of pies, all sorts of kinds, and  eat!! No need for dinner before you go! My fave is Lemon Meringue! Sue makes the best lemon meringue pie!! LOVE it!! But we were just making the pastry. This year I will be making Cherry Cheesecake Pie!! We have been doing this tradition for 9 years!!! Crazy!! So we made the pastry, enjoyed lunch and then decided to take the dogs for a walk on the farm. M's parents have a 100 acre farm. So we walked to the very back of the property and went into the wooded area and walked an old beaten (and I mean beaten) trail. The dogs loved it!! Usually we will all go back with the quad, but M and I were up for the hike, but otherwise the dogs do not go back there without someone. So walked the perimeter of about 70 acres and got some nasty wind burn. But we had 2 very happy dogs!!

We decided to go back into town later that afternoon and attempt our Christmas shopping again! We came out further ahead this time!! We ended up buying 2 bigger gifts and a few small ones!! We came home, settled into our Sunday evening routine with dinner and Heartland.

After dinner M tacked our desk-top computer. The network card stopped working, so we bought a replacement and I left Hubby to install it. This was a heated moment in the household as M could just not seem to make it work, so I went in and told him a few different things to try and luckily 1 of the 2 things worked! We have the Internet again on the desk-top!!Now we just hafta get the card-readers and DVD drives to work... because they suddenly stopped working too! We enjoyed a nice soak in the hot tub after that.

That was my weekend all summed up!!!

How was your weekend?!


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Jessie Szmanda said...

Wow Thanks for letting me know this is the last weekend of Novemeber! I did not realize taht until now!!


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