Monday, November 1, 2010

How To..... Dog Bed/Liners

How To Make Dog Beds:
  • Head over to a fabric store, pick out your fabric, thread to match and a zipper. I chose 2 different fabrics one for the top and one for the bottom. And as for size, it all depends on how big or small you want it.
  • Fold the material in half (creating an end). Flip the material inside out and sew together the sides to make a seam. You should have 3 sides together now.
  • Sew on the zipper for the end, (remember you have the fabric inside out, when deciding which way to sew it on).
  • Flip the material back with the outside on the outside and ta-da, dog bed cover made!
Here is a picture of an old home-made dog bed that Mike's Mom had helped me with:

Now I don't know about you, but I really hate the smell of dog (wet...) and it can sink right in to your dog bed. Most of the ones you can buy in the store are not machine washable. So I decided I would make dog bed liners to help protect the actual stuffing. So now, you can wash the dog bed cover and liner, without having to wash the bed. To make the liners, I bought table cloths made out of 100% PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate), which is pretty waterproof and easy to clean... just wipe them down. But you can also machine wash them, just DO NOT put them in the dryer!!

Bought this at Wal-Mart for $3.97 and it will make 2 liners!!

Sew... (hahaha... get it...) If you buy the oblong size, you can fold it (up and down) and then fold it again (side to side) and you should get the perfect size for a dog bed. Like the picture to the right  ->

Just cut along the fold, leaving yourself three open sides. Flip it so the outside is on the inside and sew along the long sides, leaving the bottom open. Flip it back so the outside is on the outside and there you have it... a dog bed liner!!! (I bought 2 different patterns, so now I have 4 bed liners)

Now there is one more trick to my trade... if you are making your own dog bed, then you would not have the filler... so what I would recommend doing is buying 2 standard size pillows (no feathers). You can usually buy 2 for $4 or $5 if you can find them on sale! The great thing is, you can stick these pillows in the washer too, not that you would have to, if you make a liner!

;Stick the pillows in the liner and tuck in the ends

And then the pillows/liner in the cover.

And there you have it!! A waterproof dog bed that is 100% washable!! No more wet dog smell if your dog lays on them wet! And this is all SUPER affordable!! With a breakdown of:
  • Material (if you are not using a pre-existing bed) - this can vary depending on choice..
  • Zipper - $4.97 - only need this if you are making your own cover and the price will reflect the size you are making/need)
  • Thread - $2.00
  • Vinyl Table Cloth - $3.97
  • Pillows - 2/$4
All for less than $15 (not including material)

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