Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Low Down on Lily

Well... it was far from good.... I took Lily in to the vet today to get her weighed and to pick up more meds for her hypothyroidism .As previously mentioned, I was sooo nervous to have her weighed. It is not even like I was getting weighed, but she was. I never worry about my own weight, why am I stressing about a number on a scale? for a dog? 

Last time she weighed 105 pounds.... which is like 15 pounds over her "ideal". I was devastated then. Actually, I was devastated when they diagnosed her. I was/am soo concerned about my baby! I love this dog tooo much! The thought of knowing she is sick is soo upsetting!

We have been working hard with her and have noticed such drastic improvements in her. She has sooo much more energy, her spirits are up, we have been exercising her, making sure we give her meds on time, etc.

I took her there today and they put her on the scale and she weighed 111 pounds! Thats right, she has GAINED 6 pounds... she was supposed to lose like 6 pounds. I was devastated! Actually, I was in denial and requested for her to be weighed again without her leash. I was in shock. They weighed Gracie and she weighs 75 pounds.

I went to the counter to get her meds and I asked the vet tech how this could be? I explained all that we had been doing and how much improvement we had noticed, hell I thought she had slimmed down a bit....

The lady looks at me and says well you must be over feeding her! I was upset and this is what you say to me? Why don't you slap me in the face again and tell me I am a bad Mom! That is just how I felt, she did not really slap me in the face.... I explained that Lily really doesn't eat all that much. She said that I needed to look at the big picture and take everything into account: treats, table scraps and amount of food, it all adds up. So I told her that our dogs DO NOT get table scraps unless it is a veggie or fruit, and not very often and they maybe get 3 small milk bones a day. She says "well it all adds up and clearly she isn't losing weight". She also told me to measure out their food and manage it. "Oh and remember to feed them the amounts for their ideal weight, NOT their current weight." REALLY?

I was pissed!! I was upset and livid! I just wanted to cry!

Our dogs are on free range food and don't even finish their bowls. We only fill them once a day. Soooo big changes are happening in our house. We are measuring out their food now and monitoring who is eating what! This will be a challenge and the dogs are NOT going to like this, as they eat in the middle of the night! But we are going to give it a try!

I called Mike and told him and he asked me why I was sooo torn up about it. I explained the way I was treated and the way I felt leaving there today. He reassured me that I was not a bad Mom and that we would work it all out!

Everyone in the house is losing weight, except for the one who needs to!  I came home, shed a few tears, ranted to my sister on the phone and went and measured out the food. The dogs looked at me like I was crazy, as I was explaining to them the new changes about to occur in the household!

This is such a battle. I feel a bit hopeless and like I have let Lily down! I just want her to be happy! I know it is hard to lose weight, but we are doing all the right things!

Lord give me strength and please help Lily get healthy!

What a stressful day! I wish I had of stayed in my pj's and not left the house!

Wish us luck on this struggle!

I want her look like this again, well maybe a bit bigger because she isn't even a year in this picture...


Life, Love, and Labs said...

Aww, Ashley I totally know how you feel! I honestly think of Charley like a child (as crazy as that sounds). He is absolutely spoiled, gets the best food (and inevitably, most expensive...), and a new toy at least once a week (mostly due to his ability to destroy anything in less than 2 minutes). When they're sick, it's the hardest thing in the world to handle. When we found out that Charley had severe (and already degenerative) hip and elbow dysplasia at only 8 weeks old, the breeder suggested we just put him down to "avoid the pain" despite the fact that he was still an extremely happy puppy. I'm a pretty level-headed girl, but had that conversation been in person (in stead of over the phone), I would have snapped. Some people just don't think when it comes to their "advice," especially when it comes to things we love. Okay, I'll step off my soapbox now, haha. Just know that you're always going to know whats best for Lily, and to take others' words of "wisdom" with a grain of salt. Trust your gut, and 99% of the time you'll know what's right. You and Lily are in my prayers! Good luck! :)

Kristin said...

Aww that is sucky! I love how guys never realize how much certain things bother us girls! Any how, I hope you guys figure out a little plan for her. Hope you have a good weekend!


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