Friday, November 5, 2010

Private Practice....

Did anyone watch this last night?


What an episode. I don't even know where to start.

They did a very good job of putting you in the shoes of a rape victim. It was a very upsetting episode, but very well done. I could not imagine being in Charolotte's shoes. It was very graphic, and I think that is how they made it so "real".

They send out a very good message though. And it will be interesting to see how it plays out next week. With the simple fact that the guy is in custody and will be released if they don't have a rape victim. If Charolotte decides to go through with keeping silent about the fact that she was raped, he could do it all over again to another women. I understand why she would want to keep it a secret, but at the same time, it could affect soo many other people if she does.

We learned a lot about Charlotte in this episode. I did not know that she used to be a drug user. I could not imagine not being able to have nay pain meds after what she went through. Even when they were stitching her up... WOW...

I wish that Cooper was more supportive though in the beginning. I mean in his role, it would be hard to see your fiancee like that, but he wouldn't look at her, and that would hurt more I think. I get why Charlotte does not want him to know that she was raped, because he kinda acted more needy and she had to be strong for him. Soo hard... But in the end he was great. I guess just the initial shock.

When she was explaining what it was like and stating the fact that it was not like the movies portrayed, she got very graphic and almost vulgar, but at the same time, it was honest. We think it is bad in the movies, but on last nights episode, it really put it out there.

With this being today's topic, I would like to pray for all of those that have struggled with this. It would be such a hard thing to overcome. Please give these women the strength to continue on. Please allow them to heal and give them the courage to report the incident.

My words do not even begin to touch on the subject. They don't hit home, like last nights episode did. They do not describe the hurt and pain in watching the show. But the show was powerful and a message was received.

I would tell you all to watch it, but I am not going to, I will leave it at watch at your own risk, be prepared the content is raw and not sugar-coated. It is "real". (As real as TV gets)

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Kayla said...

Found your blog via 30 Day Challenge...I love Private Practice and last nights episode was way intense! Definitely gave me more insight and sympathy for rape victims--So, so sad!


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