Thursday, November 25, 2010

When It Rains It Freezes...

In other words, it is freezing rain outside today...YUCK... which also means that soon it will snow... YUCK...sorta.

Today was an eventful day in the V household!!

Lux had his first check-up and good news.. he is still a BOY!! lol. You never know with young kittens! He is healthy and tooo cute... he weighs a whole 2.2 pounds!!

I also took Lily along, which meant Gracie had to go too... The vet recommended changing Lily's food to a low calorie diet, to see if that helps and explained to me why she might be gaining weight. It turns out that they may have treated her too early for her hypothyroid, but figured that she would need to be on it within 6months, when the disease would be in full effect... (basically 6 months ago they thought.. if she isn't hypothyroid now, then she will be in 6 months because her level was borderline normal). Here we are 6 months down the road, and her disease is likely in full effect! So we are going to try a new food!

I also had a doctors appointment today as well.

Tonight I am heading out shopping with S (Mike's Mom) while Mike is in his marine radio course with his Dad. Hopefully I will manage to buy a few more gifts!

Hopefully my cold will disappear too... I am soo sick of being sick!!  Apparently a virus is going around... take my advice and try your darnedest not to get it!!

Well that is all I have got today... Happy Thanksgiving American friends!! Have a great day with family and friends!!

1 comment:

Karlala said...

That's funny about your kitten :)
It's raining where I live too, but not cold enough to freeze yet! I'm sorta lookin forward to the snow too.


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