Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekend was pretty straight forward.

Friday night we went out for dinner with M & J to the pub behind our house and then came back here and played some euchre! Mike ended up getting a medical call at 10:30, luckily when the game was over, and M & J headed home, as they had a few things yet to get done before Saturday. Jazzy was acting funny again, so I decided we should put down the mouse traps again.

Saturday, I managed to sleep in until about 9:30 AM! M had to work, as it had rained here pretty much all week, preventing them from getting into the field they were working in all week. We got our first snow fall overnight as well!! I awoke to a snow-covered yard, which made the dogs pretty pumped. We also ended up catching 2 mice!! YUCK... but glad they are gone! I am keeping the traps down just in case there are more! Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE mice!? I worked on laundry throughout the day. When M got home we worked out in the hobby shop, cleaning and setting things up. Saturday was nice quiet and relaxing as well. I played a bit of Dr. Mario on the Wii with my sister online. I love that game!

Sunday, I slept in until 10:30!!! I was soo impressed that I was able to sleep that long without any interruption. I love hubby sooo much, he must have known how much I have been needing my sleep lately, while trying to beat this cold! He had the dogs outside while he was out in the hobby shop mopping the floors again! Those floors are soo hard to get clean, as they are just painted cement! One day, we will put some type of flooring out there! There will definitely be a no shoes allowed policy in there! M also helped me dye my hair!! I love the new color!! I also got more laundry done and started pulling out some Christmas things.

We have managed to sell all but one of our fish from the aquarium. We decided that we did not have time to maintain the aquarium properly anymore, so we would sell all the fish and put the aquarium away for a while, until we are ready to start it back up. We took the one fish we had left to a fish store, who would rehome him for us. We did some groceries and took the dogs to the dog park in town! There was at least one dog there this week! We weren't completely horrible parents!! lol. Mike then worked on cleaning the aquarium. I made a trial run of my cherry cheesecake pie for Friday night and well let me tell you... it is pretty DAMN good!! mmhmmm!! Sooo easy!

After dinner M and I played Backgammon and Checkers and I won both games!! I was sooo impressed with myself for winning Checkers!! I always lose that game, no matter what and seek advice throughout, which then throws M off his game! His loss, my gain!! I love him sooo much!

I am reminded everyday by how lucky I am to have him in my life, as my husband and best friend! I would be soo lost without him! He is such a genuine guy. I just love him to pieces!!

That was our weekend in a nutshell!! What did you do?


Jessie Szmanda said...

Sounds like a busy, but very fun weekend! :)

Simply Amy said...

What a crazy weekend!


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