Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one!! After work on Friday we head to Costco with M&J and J's sister L. I pretty much call Costco the $300+ club! But we did soooo well... only $130! Surprisingly enough, I did not find any Christmas presents!! We went to Turtle Jacks for dinner afterwards and then home sweet home!

OUR BEDROOM is FINALLY FINISHED!!! And furnished!! Mike's parents got new bedroom furniture, so we took their old suite, which is antique. It is in great shape!! The new furniture makes our room look soo much smaller now though. But I still love it, we just have to switch it around again. M was not up for moving it around twice in one day. We moved our old dressers upstairs and took down the bed rails for now, as our bed is now a platform bed! Long term we plan to strip and stain the furniture a bit darker and replace the hardware with a brushed nichol. Revamp it a bit!

However, before we moved any of the furniture back in, we rented a steam cleaner and cleaned the rugs!! What an amazing job those steam cleaners do!! Soo happy with the results! We did not just do the bedroom, we did all of our rugs, the office carpet and basement carpet. This may sound disgusting, but it felt sooo good seeing the dirty water coming out of the carpet!! We should have steam cleaned before we moved in! But it felt like such a big accomplishment knowing that it is working!!

Back to Saturday, we quickly tidied the house, as N & M were coming over. We went over to Buddies (a new restaurant around the corner) for dinner and then came back home to hang out for a bit. N is getting married in August and I am her MOH. We have found her dress, but have not found the bridesmaid dresses!

Sunday morning we finished steam cleaning, then got a call from K & S to see if we wanted to go for a walk at a conservation area near by with the dogs. They have a schnauzer named Rufus. So we quickly showered before going, because we had to be back by no later than 12:30 because we had an engagement party for M & J at 1:00 that J's parents were hosting. We went for our walk, which was great by the way, dropped the dogs off over at the farm on our way home, came home and got ready and out the door we went. After the party we went and grabbed some groceries while were in town, as well as returned the steam cleaner and then went to the farm for dinner!! We came home and worked on organizing the new drawers. It was only 8:00 and I was sooo ready for bed, but I forced myself to stay awake until 10:00. I had not been feeling well again since the engagement party, which I am sure was allergy-related since my eyes were burning, I had the sniffles and a headache!! Did I mention they had lilies at the party, which I am very allergic to? I took an allergy pill as soon as I could!

That was our weekend summed up! How was your weekend?

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