Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Loving Wednesday!

Wednesdays are such a busy blogging day! There is always soo much to say. (And I am a poet and I do know it!).

I am linking up with Jamie again.

  1. I am loving that it is only raining here and not snowing!!
  2. I am loving that I am hosting my FIRST GIVE AWAY!!! Make sure you all check it out!! Good luck to you all!! This is sooo exciting!!
  3. I loving all of my new followers (and the old ones too). It is soo exciting to see all of your sweet comments!!
  4. I am loving my new bedroom suite... well it is new to us! I will have pics soon I promise, because the bedroom is painted now! Now I just have to decorate it, along with my whole house! Now that every room is painted, I can focus on buying art work, etc. to decorate.
  5. I am loving my new tires on my car!!
  6. I am loving little Lux!! He is sooo sweet. I think I have gotten over the whole 3 cats thing and everyone is finally getting along! Binx thinks he is the best thing, aside from cat treats!
  7. I am loving a new trail I found to walk the dogs in, not too far from my house! I think I want to make it a Sunday ritual! Soo pretty!

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT MY GIVE AWAY!!! I have a secret fear that I will get like next none participants, which will make it easier for the select few that have joined in to win!!


J and A said...

I love you have a giveaway too! I love rain, not snow! Lucky you! ha ha

Leigh said...

I'm jealous that it's only raining there! It's snowing tonnes here and isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day!

Kit said...

I recently found a trail near my house to take my dogs to as well!

Jeanna said...

Thank you for following!! I really appreciate it! Your blog is so cute!! <3

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along! Your dogs are just too cute!


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