Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 30: A Picture

OK, so I missed the deadline for the 30 day challenge and I am a day late because my night did not go exactly as planned last night! My dad met me at home to drop of an example of some work he is doing for the Ladies Auxiliary (for the fire department). So we visited for a bit and then 7:00 was there before I knew it, I hadn't even eaten yet, but had to head over to the Ladies Auxiliary meeting, which was supposed to be super quick, that I did not get home until 8:30.

I had not been feeling the best on and off through out the day and knew that I better get home and eat and maybe I would feel better. I watched DWTS from Monday with M while I ate. It ended up to be around 9:30, we worked at clearing out the dining room for the furniture we are getting tonight and I said I NEED to go to bed. So I watched the last 5 minutes of DWTS result show with a splitting headache and off to bed I went.

This time shift is not agreeing with me lately. It has thrown my schedule off BIG time. I find it sooooo hard to stay up past 10:00, because really it is 11:00.... waking up is great though!

It is kind of sad to be finished the 30 Day Challenge because I met some really great people throughout! I look forward to reading your blogs still!!

The picture I am using is not a picture of me, my animals or anybody. I am leaving you with a sun set, to be left open for any other challenges we may face. Leaving it open to the possibilities. Leaving it to the beauty of Mother Nature!

Thanks Katie for the challenge!! It was fun!!


Tatum-LeTard said...

I love your About Me! The reason I started my blog was to remember the things going on in my life as well (in particular my wedding, but now it's become everything!) It's going to be amazing to look back on our blog years from now! And I LOVE animals too... am obsessed! :) Have a good week!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Ok your dogs are ADORABLE! Love! Thanks for the follow :) Your blog is awesome!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

What a cool challenge... I'm thinking about doing something similar too! :) Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)


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