Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Give Away and DWTS Update

Make sure you go and join in on my give away from CSN. Here is the LINK. Good luck!!!

As for DWTS.... I am a WEEE bit upset!!

Ashley’s List                                                        Mike's List

Jennifer and Derek                                           Kyle and Lacey
Kyle and Lacey                                              Jennifer and Derek
Brandy and Maxim                                          Rick and Cheryl
Rick and Cheryl                                             Brandy and Maxim
Audrina and Tony                                          Michael and Chelsie

Michael and Chelsie                                      Florence and Corky
Florence and Corky
Not just for the obvious reasons, I know, I know we are tied... but I should would have had the top three correct at least for the finals.... BUT NOOOOOO Bristol "the freakin' horrible dancing/painful to watch" Pistol beat BRANDY?! I thought it was bad when she beat Rick Fox... but BRANDY...
Don't get me wrong, I get that Bristol has more of a fan base because of her Mom pretty much, but this show is not about her fan base... its about being able to dance. America is supposed to vote for their favorite DANCER, not person. And, yes she has come a LONG way and was better than Kate Gosselin, but she was NOT better than Rick Fox or Brandy!! I am not exactly Brandy's biggest fan, but she was WAAAY better...
Sorry about my melt down... as I mentioned, I am upset... over reality TV... what has my life come to?
But mark my words, if Bristol wins.. I am soo done with this show!! Which will be really hard to do, but I will be DONE!!
Anyone else a WEEE bit upset with last nights show? Who do you think will win the finals?


Keely said...

Oh girl I'm so glad you said something. I sat there last night laughing my head off out of pure disbelief. It has been kind of fun to watch Bristol get a little better but I think it is completely unfair that she took a spot in the semi-finals and now finals!?!?!! What the heck is going on here. I hate conspiracy theories- but something isn't right.

It is absolutely not fair that Brandy- who works so hard and is talented- had to go home. She, Rick, and Audrina all looked so shocked- which they should be!!

It should be about dancing- and improving is great, but she is still a million miles behind the rest.

At first I was like "Jen and Derek just lost their competition...but now I'm beginning to wonder if people are crazy enough to let her win."

Sorry for getting so revved up about the silly show- I'm just so confused. lol

Kristin said...

I am still very confused on all of this myself. How did she beat Audrina?? I dont get it.


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