Monday, May 16, 2011

Manic Monday with a Sneak Peak of Mudroom!!

Another weekend has passed and we got sooo much accomplished again!!! I am even going to give you a sneak peak of what we have been up to!!

But let's rewind to Friday! M came home from work and cut the lawn and wow did it ever need to be cut, while I barbecued steak! M did end up playing ball and they won!!!

Saturday morning M had to work, so I decided I would head into town to get some groceries and stop at Len's Mills and Winners!! Such a great idea!! I found some great deals! I got a large metal art of circles for the mudroom for only $12, you will see it once the full room is revealed, whenever we get it furnished, I also bought some fabrics for my projects!! M called me while I was in town because he ran out of underlay, so I picked some of that up too!!

M finished laying the floor, with only one minor interruption for a medical call, but all in all the floor is done!! While he was gone, I painted the trim/quarter round. We just need to get nosing for both doors!

Sunday M headed into town for plumbing supplies he needed and he hooked up the waste line and water lines. Mike had M cone over and helped him with the putting the trim and quarter round up and he also helped bring up the washing machine!!


I just had to get that out my system!! It works well too!! Soooo the room is 90% finished, just needs some nosing around the doors and the ceiling medallion needs to be put up. It is 30% furnished... yep I am lacking on that part, but we have to buy a wardrobe and a bench and the weather is not co-operating for finishing spraying my console table! And we won't even speak about the decorating, because I have not found blinds yet... and I am still bouncing ideas around for what I want where.... this will be a lengthy process, but the hard work is done at least!

M did such an amazing job!! Here is the sneak peak I promised!! Excuse my photography, I was just trying to be quick!

I didn't bother photographing the other half of the room, as there was nothing over there! I will do a full room recap with what before pictures I don't have and the after pics!!

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Michelle said...

Your laundry room looks amazing! Love the paint colors :)

Rebecca said...


Tricia said...

So I would not identify myself as a "purple" person, but the color of the purple that you chose for that laundry room is probably one of the coolest colors for a wall that I would actually consider to use in my home. (CoughWheneverIdofinallybuyahouseCough).
What good work!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Looks great so far!


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