Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Topics on Tuesday (With Tail Wagging)

I think I will start this post of with:
The topic this week: TREATS! (a word that you cannot say or spell in our house)

Head on over HERE to tag along!

In this picture, in order to get their ears to perk like this:
we used LIVER treats! Those are HOT commodities in our household! In fact when we take them to pet smart they forgo the toys and hit up the treat isle and sit in front of the liver treats!

But normally we give them milk bones! Every now and then they will be spoiled with a pigs ear... (EeWW) or a rawhide.

We do not feed our dogs table scraps at all! They will get the odd fruit and vegetable, but away from the kitchen/dining area.

Now on to the topics on Tuesday:

  • I am reminding everyone to watch The Voice tonight! You will not regret it!! Loving this show!
  • Also One Tree Hill is apparently a new one!!
  • Our mudroom is almost completely painted! I just have to do the second coat on the edges, but the rest of the walls are done!! I will be working on that, while M preps the floor for the flooring coming tomorrow. He is hoping to take down more of the false wall in the closet!!
  • DWTS: I love Mark and Chelsea!!! But Hines and Kim are sneaking up there too, along with Romeo and Chelsea!! I am kind-of getting sick of Kristie, but I love Maks.
  • Did anyone watch the new episodes of Quints By Surprise? This show is too cute and waay better than Kate +8!
  • Loving this WARM weather!!! It is pretty awesome!!
Have a great Tuesday!!!


Kristen said...

That's too funny how they go straight to the treat when they're in the store. We don't give our dog table scraps either, we didn't want him to get in the habit of it but he still tries, bless his heart. haha

Rebekah said...

That is so funny! We don't really give Glenda treats, but we do give her rawhide bones. She loves those! There are some times that we give Glenda the occasional small bite of chicken or something but we always put it in her bowl.

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished renovations.

Oh yeah did my dog Charlieanna love liver treats. Wish we'd had a pet store that allowed pets into it when I had her.

Have fun!

Tricia said...

We totally try not to give table scraps (sometimes it's just so tough not to!). But our guy fortunately LOVES a lot of fresh veggies, so if we're preparing a meal we'll call him in occasionally and he'll get super excited that he's getting people food.
Good luck on your renovations!

Sara said...

I love these pictures of your dogs. They are so beautiful! Love love love Goldens! I can't believe our tiny little Sage is going to tbe that big someday. She gets bigger ever day and it's killing me!

Jessica said...

I'm the same! Sometimes Bodie will get a rawhide but never table scraps. :)

Belly B said...

Those are the cutest Golden Retrievers ever!! :)

<3 Belly B

Rebecca said...

My pup has never had liver treats before but milkbones are a hot commodity in our house! Such sweet pictures :)


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