Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Am Loving

Pop on over to Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving too!!

  • I am loving my new mudroom soo far, although it is pretty empty, I am loving having main floor laundry!!! Did you miss the sneak peak? Check it out here!!
  • I am loving my man for making all these renovations on the go happen!! Although I try to help where I can, most of them are all him!!! He is just getting handier and handier... I joke with him that now I have no choice but to keep him around!! haha!
  • I love that we have come up with a plan for the new office, which was the old laundry room!! I am hopefully going to start painting tomorrow!!! Yes, I really do have 3 rooms in renovations on the go.... but the mudroom is almost done, the  master closet is well on its way and M need his office space. Right now all the office furniture is in the rec room and my closet is in my dining room... we are multi-tasking!! I am hoping that after I paint the office, M can do the floor while I paint the closet! Team work!!
  • I will be honest, I am not loving the rainy week we have had and are going to continue to have!! Although it wouldn't be May 24 without rain!
  • I attempted to do the "beach waves" with my hair this morning as seen on Katie's blog - with a complete tutorial:

and I will be honest... I think there must be a better way! My hair does look wavy, but it took me more than 30 minutes to do... and looks only a touch more defined than scrunching it! Maybe that is how it is supposed to look, but it just took longer than expected!! I really just want loose curls!
  • I am loving all the sewing I managed to get done on Monday!! Now I just have to figure out how to make ruffles, the tutorial I was following called it a basting stitch... whatever that is!! (I will find out) Here is a sneak peak on some of the stuff I made:
Burp cloth
Breastfeeding cover... it needs the ruffles...

That is all I can think of today!!! I hope everyone is having a great day and if you have any tips about hair curling techniques, let me know!!! Or is anyone knows how to do a "basting stitch"... lol!

Check this out too!!

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Kae* said...

Way cute blog! Found it through the WILW link! Happy Wednesday! Great things to love!


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