Monday, May 9, 2011

Manic Monday

It's a manic Monday again bloggers!! This weekend was jam packed with sooo many things!!

Operation: Renovation is well on it's way now!!! What is going on? Well... we are moving the office downstairs to where the laundry room is and the laundry room is moving to where the office was!! We are creating a mudroom in the old office because we have double doors in there, and let's be honest, my husband works in mud all day and tracks it into our great room right now, so it would be nice to a have a room designated just for him!!

Friday night: Our piano was moved from the office out to the hobby shop!! It made it there pretty safely, we only lost one caster!! M didn't end up playing ball, but they practiced, while us girls drank strawberry limeade and played dominoes!

Saturday morning M and I got up and headed right into town in hopes to pick up the stuff he needed for plumbing the washing machine and to order our floors. However, they did not have our floor in stock, but will be here on Wednesday, but they did give us a sample and they had everything Mike thought he needed!!

We also stopped in town to get gas. I am telling you that they need to start lowering the gas prices because people are CRANKY!!! Here is what went down:  We pulled up to the pumps (no lines or anything) and the old man gets out and says to Mike "hey dickhead, there is a line you know) Mike just looked at him and ignored him, I went in the store to grab some Sprite and then I guess while I was in, the guy said "what you got nothing to say... good I'll beat your face in if you did" so Mike said "if that is what will make you feel better, come on over here and hit me, go ahead, I won't stop you!" The guy looked at Mike like he was crazy... I came out of the store and he was still cursing, so I said " You know what, if we knew there was line, which I don't see one, we would have waited in it" and he says to me "well that is all he had to say" I respond with "well there is no line... and as for him responding to you, why would he respond to someone who started a conversation with "hey dickhead"... I know I wouldn't!" they guy says "well that is what makes him a dickhead" so I said "takes one to call one" he looked at me and shut right up.

K came out and helped M with the electrical work. They didn't get the plumbing done, but no big deal! We decided we should lay the floors first anyways!! After K left, we decided to take a stab at the closet. I am going to have to take pictures of this to explain it. Basically, we have a stair case between the new mudroom and our master bedroom. Our master bedroom does NOT have a closet right now, but the mudroom does, so we got looking and realized there was a false wall in between the closet wall and our bedroom wall. We decided to make a walk in closet from our bedroom by just putting a door in and keep access to the mudroom! So that way when I take clothes out of the dryer, I can just put them away in the closet if that is where they go! 

Saturday night we went and picked up our paint!! Soo excited to see these colors on the wall!! Purple and light lime green, almost the color of the inside of a lime). We went for dinner afterwards with M's parents and then hit up Dairy Queen! I would have to recommend the new rolo blizzard, DELICIOUS!!! When we got home M did some mudding on the walls and then we relaxed!!

Saturday night I slept like hell, yet still managed to wake up early on Sunday morning, so M and I got started on painting!!! Yup the walls are Lime Twist and Purple I LOVE it!!! It looks great! We only managed to get one coat done throughout the whole day! We left for brunch at my sisters around 11:00 to celebrate Mother's Day! I even managed to snap a few photos!

We did some groceries and bought a new light fixture, which M installed in the mudroom and wow, it is soooo much brighter!!!

The weather was fantastic this weekend!! And it should be today too!!

I will be painting the day away again today and will be hosting girls night tonight!

How was your weekend?

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Jessica and Stephan said...

I can't believe the guy at the gas station! What a jerk!

Tatum-LeTard said...

Hey Ashley! Thank you for your sweet comment and the follow! Can I have your sweet dogs? haha! :)Hope you're having a great week!


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