Thursday, May 19, 2011

That's My Thursday...

My Thursday was pretty low-key, this is what went down:
    • I managed to sleep in until 9:30!!! That was pretty awesome!!
    • I shuffled some laundry around and now can see part of my dining room table! I also folded some laundry today!
    • I went down to the office-to-be to try to come up with a furniture layout plan. I may or may not have moved a bookshelf by myself that was too heavy, but I really needed to visualize. That usually drives M nuts, me being a visual person, but I can't help it!! I don't have a lot of options when it comes to how that room will be laid out!
    • I am no longer a LuLu Lemon virgin!!! Yup I ordered myself a headband and I wore it today for the first time and OHHHH how I love it!!! I still cannot justify $100 for jogging pants, and $12 for the headband was a bit extreme, but worth it, because it stays put!
    • While I was washing the walls in the new office to-be, I discovered some news that might make our office plans a little more lengthy and costly! They painted over top of wallpaper!!! Yikes. I am not too sure what our plan will be, whether to just paint on it again, or take it down and start fresh. Can we say DILEMMA!?!?
    • I ordered some dresses online today from Sears! Yes, I ordered the purple on as previously mentioned. Not only did I order it, but it was on sale for $67!! Um HELLO... huge SALE shopper here!! I also managed to get the black dress I mentioned previously too! I also ordered:

and both of these:

Oasis Strapless Dress
both pictures from!!
    • I got started on a shower gift for J coming up June 5/11.
    • I picked up paint for the office-to-be. Can't wait to see them on the walls!
    • I had coffee with my Dad today.
    • Much to M's liking and knowledge... because he is not home yet to see that I did this... I did the 2nd coat on the console table (that also weighs a tonne when moving it by yourself). I think after it dries, it should be able to come into the mudroom!!
    • I am going to break down and order ProActiv I think... my skin has been freaking out for too long and nothing seems to be working... any suggestions?
    • I pre-ordered a new laundry sink today for only $15!!! Since we are going to keep a sink in the office-to-be, I said we would at least need a new one and it would all have to be cased in, so it at least looks better and M agreed, then I found the deal and made it happen! I am sure that is why M keeps me around... I have fantastic money-saving/frugal ways!! haha!
    • Today has been super-dooper gloomy and then around 3:00 the sun popped out!!
What was your Thursday like!?


Courtney B said...

Oh this sounds like my kind of Thursday!! :)
I've never heard of LuLu Lemon?
And I LOVE sales!! :)

J and A said...

Wow you are busy!!! good work girl!


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