Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh Ya We Did....

Sorry about the post lackage on Friday... sometimes life gets too busy for blogging! Also, sometimes the weather takes away your internet and prevents you from blogging or makes you blog later than you choose to.... But fear not, I am back with another edition of:

So Friday - M worked on mudding the closet and then we headed to his ball game - which they lost by 1... but they had no umpire and it should have been tied.... just sayin'.

Saturday morning was started early with a call from Mike's Dad saying he didn't have to work today, so M came back to bed and then was awaken again shortly by his pager for a Co2 alarm going off. I rolled out of bed around 9:00. M sanded the walls and applied the next coat of mudding. He then informed me that he was going to take me on a date to see Bridemaids that night. I knew that evening plans would not work with our painting schedule, so I agreed to the date, but decided to leave in 20 minutes for it instead. Since the mud had to dry, we decided to take advantage of that time and got ready quickly and headed to town.

And this is what we wore:

(excuse the renovation junk in the background and my lack of hair style... got ready in 5 minutes)
Oh ya we did:

His shirt actually says game over...
and we saw:
It was pretty good, with a touch of gross, but overall funny. I will also mention that we were running late and missed the previews, which I was fine with because I don't care to watch them, but M loves that part of any movie. We quickly grabbed snacks and a drink and headed into theatre, sat down and my phone started to pocket dial on speaker, I ended up spilling half the bag of my popcorn all because it was pocket dialing my freakin' voicemail.... oppps!!!

After the movie, we followed tradition and grabbed some Dairy Queen... mmhmmm rolo blizzard for me and chocolate dipped waffle cone with vanilla ice cream for M please!

We came home, M cut the grass before MORE rain came and boy did it come. We got the closet primed and ready for paint on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we put on the first coat of paint, which we already had from our bathroom cupboards, thinking we had enough, which of course we didn't. So off to Home Depot again to get another quart of Russian White paint, and some other things we needed as well for the flooring. We had lunch out and grabbed a few groceries and headed back home to get the 2nd coat of paint on. Thanks to the muggy weather, it wasn't quite ready, so M put the closet door up, and got the light ready to hang. By the time that was all done, we put the 2nd coat on quickly, put up the light and down went the floors. Just in time for a massive thunderstorm (which took my internet out). We were yet again supposed to play ball last night, but due to the weather again, we were cancelled. So you have read that correctly, I have not played ball once yet this season!  M and I managed to get the closet rods and shelving up and in place for me to fill today! I have been waiting for this day for a LONG time!!

Pictures will be coming soon of our new master closet!!! I am sooo happy to have it, let me tell you that much!! Now I might be able to get my household back into working order, aside from the basement, which is full of the office furniture!!

So can you guess what I am doing today? Did you guess filling my closet? You are correct!!!

Oh and be sure to pop by Tara's blog today and check out my guest post!!!

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minearebetter said...

My mother in law bought that game over shirt for my husband shortly before our marriage >:| how nice of her.


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