Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Topics For Tuesday: Raccoons, TV, Weekend, Fires, Dresses....

I am back!! In Canada we had a long weekend, hence the lack of blogging yesterday, but fear not, I did not take a complete blogging hiatus, just a long weekend!! So we will get caught up without the Manic Monday post, but it will just give us more topics for Tuesday!!
  • I have not watched The Bachlorette yet, or the Billboards, or Quints by Surprise... I got home to late and had to get up too early! I will get caught up soon!
  • I did watch Dancing With The Stars and well I think I want Chelsea & Mark to win, but I really like Hines and Kym... tough call, but either way I will be happy, as long as Kirstie Allen doesn't win. Looking forward to watching that tonight!!
  • I went shopping in Michigan yesterday and had a blast with my sister!! 
  • I also surprised Mike with 2 purchases just for him... I bought him: 
via hobbylobby.com
  • along with a sign that says "real hero's don't wear capes" and has the fire emblem behind it!! Soo cute!! And he loves it! But what he was really surprised with was the fact that I have decided to design the office all about him!!! Yup, my girly instincts have let go! I can't wait to get the room finished for him! Just another way to show him how proud of him I really am! He got pretty excited and asked if he could even put his fire helmet on the wall!
  • Friday night M had baseball and they were getting their butts kicked, however they pulled off the win and M hit the last home run!!! I love watching M play baseball and the girl time on the bench is pretty fun too :)
  • That night M got a house fire page at 3:00 AM. He told me to listen to my scanner just in case I had call his Dad to tell him he would be late for work! So I managed to doze off a bit, until I heard fireman transported to the hospital and then was wide awake from that point on, hoping everything was okay and that no one was severely injured! M got back just in time for work, poor guy was exhausted, and updated me on the fireman down, which was a guy from another department, luckily just broke his arm! Turns out the house was a "city" firefighters house and he was home with his family and they all managed to get out okay! Praying for this family, as they lost everything in the fire! Luckily items are replaceable, but lives are not!!
  • Saturday afternoon, I went and picked up the purple dress and salad kits for our dinner plans with J and S. The dress is a no go.. looks good, but not quite long enough! So I have vetoed the long dress idea, it is just too hard when you are tall... I have ordered a back up plan, just hoping it is not too short:

via sears.ca
  • M managed to grab about a 45 minute nap before we headed to J and S's for dinner!! We had a great time visiting, the dogs had fun with their black lab Jayda and we got to see baby N! She is getting sooo big!!
  • Oh and the world did NOT end!! Just sayin'. Whoever believed that it would must be relieved!!
  • After visiting with J and S, we popped by M and J's for a bonfire!!
  • Sunday I finished the first coat of paint in the office and M worked away on the closet! We have an entry to the closet from our bedroom now!! The drywall is up!! We are making progress!!
  • This morning as I was leaving for an appointment, I was locking up the door and turned to walk to my car and had a mini panic attack... there was a raccoon just standing there staring at me. So I told it to go away, which obviously did not work and it walked toward me and sat down. So I put all of my things down and clapped my hands to try to scare it, tried stomping my feet, nothing... the damn thing just sat there and stared at me. It was a mama raccoon and didn't look so great, but I don't know that it was rabid. So I finally yelled at it and it walked over to car and stood there and stared at me. What a stubborn critter.. it is broad daylight out and they are not supposed to like humans, but this thing was not afraid of me! So I finally kept talking to it and screaming at it until it went over to my neighbours driveway (which is only like 4 feet further away) and I walked around my car and hopped in quickly! I called M and told him he needed to search our property for babies. He also informed me that there was a dead raccoon on the road a little further down from our house. Maybe she was heart broken... poor thing! I am sure my neighbours think I am crazy.. because I am sure it looked like I was talking/screaming to myself and if they could see me clapping and stomping my feet at the same time... I probably looked like a hot mess!! Hahaha!
  • I can't believe those storms in Missouri!!! Praying for all of those injured/uprooted in the area, as well as those who have lost family/friends down there!! Such a devastation!!!


Amy said...

I had a great time yesterday!! Super cute dress

Sara said...

Oh, so many things I want to say about this post!
- I just found out that the guy on the Bachelorette that wears the mask is a guy we know. So weird. What's that all about?
- Love the fireman stuff and tell M awesome job on the homerun!
- Love that dress, it's adorable!
- So glad the world didn't end. Although with all the tornadoes we had around us this weekend I was a little bit worried!
- Also praying for the victims in Jopin. We have friends that live down there. They're fine but really freaked out and trying to help out all their friends as much as possible. So tragic.

Lindsay said...

Love the raccoon story, its funny how sometimes the wildlife just suprises the heck out of us. I had a very similar story when we first moved into our house. Hate that about the other one, it probably was lost and upset.


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