Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Bathroom Reveal with Before and After Pictures

Well here starts the tour... and instead of starting in the traditional spaces like a foyer, kitchen or great room, we are going to start off in the Big Bathroom!!

I will remind you that almost every room was GREEN in our house, so we have done quite the overhaul.

The bathroom you are about to see is considered "the ladies room" haha and the other bathroom is for "men". I mean you can use whatever bathroom you want, but this bathroom is "My" bathroom and the other bathroom (not posted today) is Mike's. When I need to use the bathroom, I use mine and Mike will use his! Oh the joys of having 2 bathrooms!

My bathroom is not 100% complete and is more or less just a temporary fix to make it look nice until we can finish it the way I would love to. It is just a makeover, not an overhaul! I still need new floors, would love a new bath tub, with tile back splash, double sinks, etc... you get it!

But this is what I had to work with:

And this is what we have done:

So that is it, painted cupboards, new hardware, new mirror, painted walls, over the toilet cabinet, new curtains etc. You get the picture! I think it looks waaaay better, more spa-ish! I still have to find a shower curtain that I love. I didn't want to put my old green one up... maybe because it was green and I am totally trying to get away from the green! I did manage to use left over hardware, the over the toilet cabinet, my curtains,  mirrors, bath mats (which you can't see) and art work from the old house (which you can't see either because it is not hung in this picture). I bought the vanity at a yard sale for $10 and painted it and bought new hardware for it, bought the toilet paper holder because I cannot stand the one in the wall because it feels like it is behind you, and otherwise just the paint was purchased. Oh and we also replaced the toilet since then with a "low-flow" toilet, with the buttons on the top, which makes me laugh because I only use the one button and when Mike explained it to me why there was two... 1 for number 1, but no toilet paper or you have to use two to flush it properly (well I am a girl and we use toilet paper for EVERYTHING) and 2 is for number 2! No there are no numbers on them, but the "2" button is bigger! haha!

The colour ended up a little pinker than I had imagined, but I love it! Have you done any bathroom redo's?


Hilary Lane said...

It looks really good! And I love how much storage space there is!

Ashley R said...

This looks fantastic. We are buying a house now so I am obsessed with be fores/afters! :)


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