Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally Friday... a little late...

So... lets see what I accomplished in October...

  • Move treadmill out to hobby shop  - done! I think it might even be plugged in and ready to use, because I am not loving walking outside now that the temperature is dropping outside!!

  • Paint Master bedroom - No GO!! We were supposed to do it this past weekend... but life had other plans! Mike had a fire training course come up suddenly on Friday and Saturday and then Saturday night when he go home, he was tired, so we just went to dinner with J&H& baby E, leaving us only Sunday to start the trim. However, we went into to town to pick up a few lot of items... came home and filled the bucket in the laundry sink to wipe down the baseboards and... our laundry room pump stopped working... which meant there was water all over the floor, and M spent 30 minutes troubleshooting it, to taking it right apart, to deciding that we needed a new one. The stores closed at 6:00 and it was 5:50 and we live more that 10 minutes out of town! So... needless to say, no painting, but I did buy a new hallway sconce for upstairs, so M hung that instead and I LOVE IT!

  • Make applesauce & apple crisp - Applesauce was great, but instead of apple crisp I made apple pie and was delicious!! I even made it WITHOUT nutmeg!! I now have some for next time!!

  • Make dog beds - post will be up tomorrow :)

  • Get gardens ready for winter - this is half done... the front of the house is done, but the back is not so much...

  • Switch rugs out in great room  - this is done, but I am not sure that I am loving it.. I mean the rug is FANTASTIC, but it shows the dog hair WAY too much, so we will see if it stays!

  • Organize one of the closets upstairs

  • Sell old washer and dryer

  • GET new washer and dryer! - these are great and I am almost caught up on laundry!!

  • Start using Wii Fit again - yup, definitely did not touch this one....

  • Get desk from the barn at the farm and put in hobby shop - this is done and I will hopefully have my scrapbooking corner up out there soon!!

  • Pick fabric for gazebo topper - this is actually no longer the plan!! I am not sure what the plan is right now... but it will not include making a new topper anymore, just simply not worth it! We may get a whole new structure!

  • Go see the movie "Life As I Know It" - this movie was great!! One minute I was laughing and the next I was crying, but it was FANTASTIC! Highly recommend it!!
  • Get a manicure - I just snuck this one in last Thursday and they look great!! No more ugly nails!
  • Buy a new purse!! - I did, but I had to return it, as it has a rip in it. I ended up replacing it at a completely different store... and ended up taking all of my purse belongings in a grocery bag. M kept teasing me to take it into store, especially Wal-Mart, so they could put a sticker across it....
So a total of 10/15... not bad... not bad!!

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Hilary Lane said...

You did a lot this month!! But can I ask what you mean by getting your gardens ready for winter??


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