Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 19 - Something I Miss

  • I definitely miss my Grandma. She was such an inspiration and staple in my childhood. I miss my Grandpa too..
  • I miss Grandma's cookies and honey on toast. I miss her cakes that she used to make, in all different shapes and forms, sometimes even with money it!
  • I miss Snoopy - you can find his post HERE.
  • I miss Mike's Grandpa. He married us and was such an inspiration as well. I enjoyed popping in to visit him randomly surprising him with WonTon soup...
  • I miss my childhood thoughts, when I believed that Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc were real. I remember how excited I was to learn that they had visited! It is almost like the magic of a child.. I miss that!
  • I miss my childhood and wish that kids today could grow up in an atmosphere where people around you were trusted, where you could go door to door for Halloween, where you didn't hear about school shootings, where kidnapping was a rare occurrence, when the world was a happier place, when you didn't worry about your family members and the crazy people out there that blow up planes and buildings... I don't even know when the world went wrong, but I know that when I have kids, they will not grow up like I did! Maybe all of these things happened 20 something years ago and I was just to innocent to clue in, but now a days you have to teach your children that there are BAD people out there, you have to teach them about trust, you have to tell them that some people should not be parents, you have to explain why these bad things happen to good people, you have to prepare them to enter this crazy is sad... and I miss that "life" I had believing in the good of people and being blinded from the bad.


Kit said...

I miss the way people acting when I was younger too. The world has changes so much over the last 20 years!

Kit said...

and I love your new header!

Ashley said...

Thanks!! ;0)


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