Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday we hosted game night at our place with 3 other couples. We played euchre and rockband! I even made trophies!!

I also found a bottle of "cheapo" wine to drink! I do not like wine... I do not drink wine... I find it too dry and bitter, however I will try the odd fruit wine. I also tried the "Arbor Mist", which I did not like either!I don't even know that the bottle that I liked is REAL wine... but it has wine in it! I bought "Girls Night Out" Strawberry Samba - I know sounds FUN and well.. I won't lie.. it was! So, for all you readers that are not a big fan of wine.. try this one:
And did I mention that it was ONLY $6.95!! Great!! I found a wine drink that I don't mind and it is cheap!

Saturday we were supposed to leave our house at 8:30 AM... and well that did not happen... M&J were at our house at 8:30 AM and we were fast asleep in bed! OPPS! I hate being late! We quickly got ready and we were off to Marina Shores in Long Point to take M's boat out of the water. Well... we all know you can't just take a boat out of the water, you HAVE to take it for one last drive! So, we all hopped in and got accustomed to the wind and what a beautiful day! It was absolutely GORGEOUS! The water was SOO flat!! We rode over to Turkey Point and suprised Mike's parents at thier boat! We visited for a while, and then headed back to Marina Shores and pulled the boat out! We dropped the boat off at the shop to get winterized and headed into town. As M & J were getting a wedding card and gift, I found my NEW PURSE! We grabbed some lunch and headed back home! I helped J curl her hair for the wedding and then they headed out!

I also placed my first order on!! Soo excited for my new clothes to arrive and I got FREE shipping!! SWEET!

We headed to London to drop off some bins at my moms, came back home and vegged!

Sunday, we had the fireman's breakfast, which we were helping out with all morning, as it is hubby's department. Around 12:30 - 1:00 we came home, I had a weee nap and got ready to head into town to my Dad's for Thanksgiving. Everything went well, we had a good time. Mike and I did groceries, came home and tried to get caught up on last weeks TV shows, so we watched Glee and headed to bed!

That was our lovely weekend! I hope everyone else had a good one!

Also... with my 30 day blog challenge, I will hopefully get caught up throughout the day. I do not tend to blog on the weekends, unless I have a lot of down time.

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