Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

Soooo... my Mom is moved in!

And... we moved all in one truck!!

I am sorry my posts are late today, but I was in London today helping my Mom get somewhat settled! I was there ALL weekend! Mike and I have been neglectful dog owners all weekend, as our dogs are used to us being home, or someone stopping in! Our dogs are not very happy with us, in fact, today while I was gone, Lily chewed up raffle tickets I was supposed to sell! I have been a neglectful wife and have not done any laundry! Mike had to do his own laundry last night when we got home, and I will have to scrounge for work clothes! I did however go and pick up groceries, so at least we have some food now!

What an overwhelming weekend! My poor mother has sooo much stuff and not enough room! We have been going through things slowly trying to figure out what to do with it all! Does anyone have any storage ideas for an apartment? She has moved from a 3-storey house to a 2 bedroom apartment! Thank you to those who have helped move my Mom, we really appreciate the help! We have at least got the apartment somewhat organized and put ALL the boxes in the spare bedroom to pull out and put away as we go.

I also wanted to bring another blog to everyones attention! I found this out from Kelly's Korner. The blog is about a young woman who delivered her twins at 21 weeks and suffered cardiac arrest and is now in a coma. Her twins have passed away and her family is at her bedside waiting for her to wake up. You can read and follow along at Leslie Joy Evans. I could not imagine going through what this family has been through, so please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers!

Also, it is upsetting to announce that baby Ewan has passed away this weekend. I have been following Team Ewan since he was born and I am saddened by this news! Please pray for Ewan's family, that they will find the strength to get through this tough time. God works in mysterious ways. Ewan has touched sooooo many of our hearts and we have learned soo much through him. You can send your thoughts and prayers here: Team Ewan.

Well that is enough news for Monday!

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